9 Beauty tips from experts to help you look beautiful and radiant every day

Beauty tips that will make your friends go ‘She woke up like this, y’all!

‘Beauty experts’ is often thrown around without any real depth to what it means. However, that doesn’t mean that tips coming from lesser known ‘Subject Matter Experts’ should be ignored without consideration. While the definition of ‘beauty experts’ is still ambiguous, models and air hostess among a few others have a working knowledge of how to keep yourself beautiful every day and listening to what they have to say can do a world of good to you:

1. Kiss that mouth, constantly

Make sure the mouth of your bottle or sipper enjoys enough touching time with your pretty lips. In other words, ‘the more you kiss (the bottle), the more you glow’. Needless to say, if you are in a demanding job, there might be a chance of missing out on drinking enough water. It is important to remind yourself or set an alarm to drink enough water throughout the day. Drinking more water keeps the skin and the body hydrated.

2. Treat a make-up kit like a book

In all fairness, that title is an oversimplification. When you travel by train or flight, you tend to keep yourself occupied. You browse through the books in the store by the lounge and get the lightest book there is. You should treat your travel make up kit the same way: keep it thin and light so it fits inside your bag. It is important to touch up every now and then when you travel. You can check for sites where you can buy cosmetic products online and figure out which of your favourite make up brands offers a thin, fit-for-travel make up box.

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3. Spray it, don’t say it

A fresh spritz of rose water! It’s refreshing to even say it; you can imagine how your skin would feel when you use it! So, the next time you shop for beauty products online, do not forget to add facial mists to your cart! Spraying these beauty essentials not only eases up your dryness but also cleanses your skin. When you are buying beauty products online, you can shop for the face spray with make-up removal kits and say a foundation. The point is if you buy these products as a combo, you usually save more because of the discounts and sitewide offers.

4. Butter her up!

The moisturizer or skin butter hydrates your skin and prevents dry patches. When you buy cosmetics online, it goes without saying that the moisturizer rides shotgun in the shopping cart, sitting prettily beside the sunblock or facial mist, depending on the season. So, go ahead, butter her up and moisturize! However, you have to remember the duration the moisturizer is going to last for you. Some skin textures require a moisturizer that lasts 5 hours and some require it to last for a whole day. Choose your moisturizer based on your needs. Needless to say, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing a moisturizer. That said, it is better to choose a Sulphur free, paraben-free moisturizer even if the low costs might offer a compromise.

5. Sunscreen, anyone?

Sunscreen is for everyone! Applying sunblock before going out in the sun keeps the complexion intact. Considering where you live and how often you might have to be out in the sun, you can decide whether to be generous or stingy in your application. It is better to check the SPF level s of your sunblock before buying them online or offline. It is important to understand the nature of your skin before buying them as well. Some brands might suit your skin well while some may not. Besides this, there is also the reason for application: do you need it because you are going on a trek where there are chances of getting tanned? Or are you visiting the beach? Or is it because it’s the middle of May and the Sun is shining in all His Glory? Based on your answers, your purchases might vary.

6. You the Balm, Girl!

If you wear matte lipstick, chances are that your lips might get dry quicker than usual. The best way to combat dry lips is to use a lip balm with SPF and then apply lipstick. If you are travelling, it is advisable to touch up at regular intervals. If you are going on a date, you can choose a flavour that is edible, if you are feeling like it. It might have you feel strangely confident: maybe it’s the fragrance, maybe it’s the tropical fruit flavouring. Either way, once you get a taste for it, you are not going to sway and settle for anything less than the best.

7. Keep all the deets between the sheets

Mask sheets are a must-have for anyone who is travelling. You can ensure it is part of your hand luggage whenever you buy beauty products online. What’s more, there are always going to be offers on every e-commerce site you can think of for mask sheets: Buy 3 Get 3 is usually the norm because everyone buys them in boxes. Having said that, you might want to check the ingredients for harmful chemicals like Paraben or Sulphur when you are buying them in bulk.

8. Avoid the fizz

It’s important to avoid fizzy drinks not just because of the sugar but because of the ingredients as well. While you can use it in cocktails once in a while, it is important to avoid them as a policy.

9. Eat light while travelling

Any kind of diet, even the strictest of regimens without exercise is futile in the long run as it will increase craving and you will finally hit a wall.

While keeping yourself constantly beautiful might be a challenge, following the above 9 tips will have your friend or your significant other go ‘She woke up like this, y’all!’ That would be the perfect validation for all the efforts you would have put into your daily ritual. Speaking of daily rituals, the only way to be effortlessly beautiful is to include the above 9 tips in your routine.

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