Astrology: 8th December – 14th December

Weekly horoscope: 12th January to 18 January

Astrology: 8th December – 14th December

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Week of generosity and punctuality can be expected. You will find yourself more agile and confident with people around. Your situation will be settled with a bit more slow pace but assured. Challenges will be taken with a wise move and action. Your kids may be the reason of your gloomy state of mind in this period.


Taurus: Aggressive planets may persuade you towards anger and ego for the moment but it won’t prolong. You may come across a new relationship with an old acquaintance. Stability will not be there at workplace. Somehow, you will manage the condition through a sensible communication with your friends and family.


Gemini: Seasonal ailments can be faced in this period. Married people will face little difficulty in their normal behavior with the partner. Gain of name, fame and money can be seen through planets. Mixed feeling of gains and loss will be there in your mind. Travelling should be avoided in this week. Overall, a good week is knocking your door.


Cancer: Professional escalation or recognition is assured in this week. Opponents will be under control of their situation. Your health needs extra care. Something inside you will bother your mental peace but you won’t find comfortable to share it with anybody. Overall, a “family week” will be the apt word to speak about your week.


Leo: Spending money for mother will please you more in this period. Your inclination towards home décor or vehicle will suddenly rise up. You will be benefitted from new set of friends. Despite some politics against you, professional front of life will give you pleasure. Some of you will come closer to somebody from workplace. Overall. A good week can be seen.


Virgo: You will be struggling for every silly issue. Parental bliss will be missing from your daily life. Work front will also not be very positive. You will try to lead your decision in family matters. Your temperament will not be under your control. It is suggested to go for rigorous physical workout. This situation may bother inner peace.


Libra: Arguments and struggle will be part of your routine. Financial front of life will be better. Disturbance due to parents’ health or argument can be expected in this period. Your rash and quick decision may fall at the best or the worst place, it depends on your individual chart and running period. Stay careful and try to listen other’s suggestions too.


Scorpio: Your concentration on your work with lack of confidence will create problem. Either avoid taking any strenuous step or build your confidence. Marital happiness will be missing. Be careful about your image in public. Politicians of this sign should be more careful in this period. Any work done behind the curtain will be exposed.


Sagittarius: Words used by you and courage shown in public will create your image as an egoist person. You will find difference of opinions with friends. Travelling abroad may come in your kitty. Your, being self-concerned is going to annoy others. Try to look around and extend your hands for help. This action will sooth your peace.


Capricorn: Your sudden gains in the field of work can be assured in this period, if your running period is also supportive. You will experience home as a home after a long span. Still your temperamental issue will disturb you. Avoid communication with loved ones or speak less in any sensitive matters. A” Happy go lucky” week is approaching you.


Aquarius: Friends from various field will come across you in this period. But you cannot assure a good relationship with them. Your approach towards people around will be negative. It is advised to go for self-introspection and work on your self-development. Businessmen of this sign will be benefitted.


Pisces: Your health needs your attention. Spouse will facilitate you with pleasure. But, you will find obstacles in most of your ventures. Your father may suffer with health issue which will be bothering you. Despite your inclination towards charity and social work, you won’t find it easy to perform any of the work easily.

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