8 Tips to Rock Ethnic Winter Wear

Here’s a list that will make your ethnic winter wear more chic!!

Styling ethnic winter wear in winter can pose a bit of a challenge. The parts of the country which are very cold during the months November to February especially face this problem. These months are full of festivals and occasions which present plenty of opportunities to show off your style. But then winter tends to be a challenge here.

Styling ethnic winter wear keeping winter in mind is not a joke. While you want to show off your outfit, you also don’t want to get sick. But heavy outfits like bulky sweaters and coats put a damper on all the fashion we want to serve. What to do in this situation?

Don’t worry!! We have curated a list of styling tips you can apply this winter that will make you stand out the most. This winter, get ready to amaze everyone with your amazing ethnic wear!!

  1. Look for some good Ethnic Jackets

You can style your beautiful ethnic Kurtis or even suits with ethnic jackets. These not only provide the much-needed warmth, but they also add something extra to your outfit. A good ethnic jacket can be paired with any combination really. It is also good for your indo-western fusion outfits.

You can go for printed or embroidered jackets with simple Kurtis.

embroidered jackets with simple kurtis

  1. Shawls instead of Dupattas!

In winters, opt for Shawls instead of Dupattas. Dupattas are good for summers, but for winter? Not so much. They can’t provide relief from the winter’s chill. But Shawls work much like Dupattas but with the added advantage of the warmth they provide. You can match them with your outfit.You can even wear a Shawl with your sarees!!

Shawl with your sarees

  1. Opt for winter friendly fabrics.

When looking for ethnic outfits for winters, always opt for thicker fabrics. Thick fabrics like raw silk and velvet are unbearable in the summers, but that is not so for winters. Outfits made of raw silk and velvet provide the much-needed warmth which suits the winter perfectly. There are many great options available for ethnic outfits in these fabrics.

winter friendly fabrics

  1. Go all the way with full sleeves.

Cover your arms with full sleeves in winter. It is the arms that suffer the most with ethnic wear in winters. That is why, go for full sleeve ethnic outfits for winters. Full sleeves that are heavily embroidered are your best bet for winters. They provide warmth and also look extremely pretty. However, it is very important that you avoid net sleeves or even sheer sleeves. They allow the cold air to pass through them and don’t do much for winters.

way with full sleeves

  1. Go for Peplum blouse or top

Peplum blouses are in right now. They are pleated skirts like a blouse or jacket. These not only look chic but they also cover your midsection and protect it from the chilly wind. Peplum blouses made of thick fabrics also add the warmth needed during winters. Peplum blouses with long sleeves are the best combination for winters.

Peplum blouse

  1. Select outfits with heavy embroidery.

For occasions such as weddings in winters, go for outfits with heavy embroidery. Embroidered clothes often come with two layers of fabric, so they are thick. On top of that, the embroidered front adds another layer to it which makes it difficult for chilly air to pass through it.

Embroidered blouses for you lehnga or embroidered kurtis are the way to go for special occasions in winters.

  1. Long Ethnic Shrugs

With traditional outfits like your beautiful saree or your amazing Anarkalis, you can choose long Ethnic Shrugs! These add the extra edge to your outfits. You can match them with the colour of your outfit. Long Ethnic Shrugs also work to protect you from the chilly winters.

5 Essentials for your Winter Wardrobe

  1. Cropped sweater as blouse

Last but not the least, on our list, are cropped sweaters. You can wear cropped sweaters with your saree. This combination is unique and with this, you also don’t run the risk of getting a cold. Traditional blouses often have a deep scoop neckline which leaves much of the chest exposed to the winter air. But with cropped sweaters acting as your blouse, you are safe and chic.

Cropped sweater as blouse

These are the ways we recommend you to style your outfits! Comment below if you have any suggestions!!

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