8 things you’ll relate to if have a ‘Pahadi’ boyfriend!

Have you ever dated a Pahadi guy? Perks of dating the ‘King of Hills’

Being a Pahadi is a pretty sweet deal, and dating a Pahadi is even sweeter. Well, dating someone is an altogether different experience. It could be a roller coaster ride or it could be as sweet as “Baal Mithai”. Dating becomes a blissful experience if you date a person from a different culture because you get to learn a lot of new things, right?

Perks of dating a Pahadi Guy

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Today, we have come up with a list of 8 peppy things that you will relate to if you have a “Pahadi Boyfriend”.

Every time he goes home, he brings Baal Mithai for you: Baal Mithai is the most famous sweet of Uttarakhand, especially regions around Almora. Sometimes they are even better than chocolates.

Now you are familiar with the word called “Oojja”: Not everytime but once in a blue moon he uses Oojja instead of OMG! To give his instant reaction.

When you say – He is from UK; a lot of people get confused: You want to tell people that he is from Uttarakhand, but a lot of time people get it as United Kingdom.

They are blessed with good looks

Now, you are a Pro at figuring out the difference between Kumaoni and Garhwali: You know the difference now, and you keep on correcting others too. People of Pahad do not speak in Pahadi – they have two different languages.

Aloo ke Ghutke is a must when he stays over: You literally beg him to make it for you because they are super delicious.

The thought of wearing “Picchor” excites you: You have seen pictures of his mother, and you just love the fact that one day you will wear that beautiful Picchor.

They are blessed with Suave Looks: Yes, you can’t just deny the fact that they are blessed with suave looks. You love to flaunt him among your friends.

“Bedu Pako” is in your playlist, isn’t? : He loves this song so how can you leave it? A lot of time you both dance on this number and it just so refreshing.

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