8 Things You Have Been Told Wrong as a Kid!

8 things that you should stop believing right away! 

Parents and Teachers are the potters who make us strong, subtle, good human beings so that we can effectively tackle our future problems. We will never able to thank them enough. But there are many times our parents and teachers trolled us and lie straight to our faces when we were kids. Don’t get us wrong We love our parents and teachers, but here are some hilarious lies they told us when we were kids.

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Here is the list, take a look:

  • Chewing gums stay in our body till our death– Scientifically, chewing gums stay in our body for around a week or month. Wow! Parents, you were the hilarious people of that time. You made us believe that it will stay with us till our death.
    • Santa Clause is a real old man—Ohhh god! We so wish this could be real but ain’t, Santa clause is a real man who has so many gifts for  you, if you:
      • Finish that glass of milk without crying
      • Complete your homework on time
      • Talk nicely with guests and say “ Namastey” (hello) to everyone
    • Injections feel like an Ant bite- Those injections never felt like an ant bite even though. And hell, if that feels like an ant bite then why would they hold us like a hulk is going to mad after this.
    • God will make you walk by putting salt on your eyelids if you waste that salt- Mom! Please, now I am not interested in playing with you. No. Really, this was the most horrible punishment I heard in my childhood
    • So you swallowed that seed? Now an orange tree will grow in your stomach! If only that was true we will have enough pocket money, so we do not have to beg for our expenses from you guys.
Difficult to digest the lie
  • God is having his record book of bathing – Please tell god to make one ‘How parents lie’ book in his shelf too.
  •  Every time a child died in Africa due to starvation if you haven’t finished that food-  I don’t know how much that death helps me to finish my whole food but why only me?
  • If you ever hit a cat so the whole family have to pay the debt of your sins– This is the most expensive lie told by our parents to us. A Golden cat should be presented in replace of the death of a cat. I am sure that golden cat will surely not going to forgive my sin. What’s the point? Why the only cat? Huhhhh!

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