8 Things to do after Holi with your Partner

Things to do after Holi with your Partner that will make your first Holi Super Special 

The first Holi festival seems more exciting for the newly-weds and they try to make it more interesting throughout the day. Even if they don’t believe in celebrating it in a very grand way, they like to make it more memorable, fun, with delicious treats, friends along with some family time. The entire day is full of activities, right? In that case, we have listed out 8 things to do after Holi with your partner which will make it super special.

During that one day festival, the day time is mostly spent applying colours to others, eating sweets, dancing to the tunes of Holi songs, having bhang shots with your family and friends in your own way.

As interesting, fun, and awesome as the Holi morning sounds, the following same day evening is rather boring and exhausting particularly if you and your partner stay all alone in a nuclear family.

So, why not let another half of your day be awesome and amazing.

Here are a few ways by which all newly-weds can make Holi evening- an evening to remember!

  1. House party with close friends

You need someone to talk about how wonderfully you spend Holi and by someone means your friend or friends. Playing the entire day with all that water will obviously make you a little tired so you can take some sleep in the Holi the afternoon just to relax to have more fun in the evening with your close friends over at your place anywhere and order for some food and drinks just to relax, rewind, to have fun conversations, dancing, singing and have a gala time.

  1. Short road trip

Since you are obviously tired and not in a mood to cook food, then you can always pack up and drive away for a peaceful romantic getaway with your partner. Road trips are always fun when you have your partner on your side and have some delicious dinner at a fancy restaurant. You can also go for a movie and then for a dinner to have a complete romantic date after a long and tiring afternoon just to chill with your partner. If you can manage to take some more leaves, then plan a short vacation, and if not, then you can also try a nearby destination that you can cover in a day.

  1. Family time

If you are  a newly-married couple and stays alone and have not met the rest of their family because of your or their hectic work schedules, you can make use of this festival holiday to catch up with them. For the newly-weds, spending time with your family is important and mandatory in some families so that you can meet their other family members, in-laws, and spend some quality family time together.

  1. A romantic home date

Plan a surprise romantic home date for your partner by leaving a note on the bed, or maybe by wearing some clothes your spouse wanted you to wear, with some light music and a beautifully set table; sounds total filmy but women love it! You can watch your favourite movie together. Cook food or even order food online to spend some time with each other and if done nicely, things can go a little hot and it will be an awesome romantic Holi evening for the newly-weds.

  1. Volunteering

It takes guts to do such activities and make your surrounding areas clean for yourself and the others as the roads become dirty after Holi afternoon. You can arrange a cleaning marathon for your society and clean your colony, roads, and walls, etc. and it needs to be done together. It will definitely make you feel good to not burdening the people who come early the morning the next day to clean your mess.

  1. Taking care of furry friends

There are many uncaring people who torture street animals by throwing water balloons, putting harsh chemical colours on them, which cause severe skin infections. These helpless and innocent animals need you so make some care arrangements for their life along with your friends; and try to clean the chemicals and colours off them. If you don’t know how exactly it is done, you can always take those animals to an animal care hospital and pitch in for their treatment. It will make you will feel blessed and blissful seeing their happy wagging tails once they will know you are there for them.

  1. Contribution to an orphanage/old age home

Things not many people like to do but should do. You are obviously very fortunate to have a good job, family, and a well-settled life, but the truth is not everyone is so blessed just like you but you can create some little moments of someone’s life more precious. Spread the happiness to make them feel special by distributing some sweets and food on the Holi evening by making them realize that they are not all alone in festival time. Sure it will not be that much fun for you but it will mean a world to them and will always bring a smile to your face whenever you will look back at this noble cause of yours.

  1. An evening of Bonfires:Another fascinating thing that you can do with your friends in the evening is to build and light a bonfire or a campfire. You can sing along with your friends talk about the festival memories and eat delicious food that you brought. Every individual should do this once in a lifetime and spend such quality time with your friends on such occasions.

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