8 things every ‘Humanities’ student is tired of listening!

Really? We are failures
Really? We are failures

Humanities field is not for failures – Please Note it Down!

Being a Humanities student has its own perks. But even having plenty of career options we also have to listen to so much of crap from so many people. We are the favourite targets of all those uncles and aunties, who think we are worthless because we study Arts or Humanities. We all are so used to this line, “Tum arts ke baccho ka sahi hai, zyada padhna nai pdta.” (You arts students don’t have to study at all). If that is the case you should advice that typical aunty and uncle to enroll their child in this stream too.

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So, here some common things we always get to listen just because we are Arts students:

1. Your marks were that much less that you have taken arts: No, people. We opted for arts out of choice, and it has NOTHING to do with our score! It’s our choice but our marks choice. Why don’t you get these things in your mind? Just because we opted for Arts does not mean we are dumbos who managed to just pass in their boards.

2. Even after scoring such a good percentage, why did you choose arts? You should have taken Commerce or Science? How illogical it is. According to perception of people, if you have scored 90+ you should go for science or Commerce. Why our marks decide our career stream. We thought we were the one to decide what we wanted to study.

3. What will you will do after studying this stream. Teaching? People think that there are only one or two job options available after studying Arts. Dude this is not the case. There are more than 1600 career options for you after studying this stream. Please do not be so ignorant and look out of your narrow world.

Really? We are failures
Really? We are failures

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4. Have you taken it up because you lack interest in studying? Yes of course. Because studying all theory subjects would have been so easy compared to Commerce? Crap.

5. ‘You are a boy, how can you choose humanities?‘So, what we concluded is we have to choose our stream on the basis of our marks and gender. No interest is required. Hell!

6. There is no scope of humanities in India. What will you do? Oh My God! Thank you so much for that warning, uncle/aunty. These uncle and aunties are genius; therefore they already know there is no scope of this stream in India.

7. BA…. Do shabd padhe vo bhi ulte? Lol! But people say this. People will take you seriously, only if you are pursuing B. Com honours or economic honours.

8. What you have to study in humanities? Absolutely nothing. Oh is it? Then what about all these heavy books that we are studying from? Are they paper weights?

Okay so All the UPSC crackers are from Arts background and all the boards toppers are from Arts background too.!!! Do you need some more explanations that why did we choose humanities.

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