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8 Super Cool Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings!

Want to get inked? Here are few things that you should keep in mind

Getting inked is the new trend. Well, tattoos may seem modern, cool, and trendy but they mean much more than shape or symbol. If you are planning to get inked, here is a in –depth analysis of 8 super cool Tattoo designs.  Body art is a popular way of self –expression and your tattoo can reveal a lot about your personality.


Butterfly Tattoo

Here are 8 super cool Tattoo Designs with their in- depth meanings, take a look!

  1. Phases of moon: Basically, moon stands for life. And the phases of moon signify that how life keeps on changing. Life goes in circle, and then there is a Karma.
  2. Feather: The distinctive beauty of feather makes it an extremely popular theme. But it holds two different meanings.  In one sense, feather signifies death or loss, but it also signifies birth and luck. So it depends how you perceive it.
  3. Birds: Birds are the symbol of freedom. They signify hope. So if you are thinking to get birds inked, then your choice are endless.


Representational Image
  1. Star: The trend of getting star tattooed is really catching up and Star stands for truth, spirit, and hope. As they emit light in space where there is darkness everywhere. It seems they are guiding us through unknown paths.
  2. Dragonflies: These tiny creatures represent your enthralling and elusive nature.  They symbolize good luck, harmony, purity and prosperity.
  3. Angel Tattoo: Tattoo of an angel represents devotion, spirituality and a relationship with god.
  4. Butterfly: Butterfly is a beautiful insect. It represents beauty, rebirth and change. According to Japanese, butterfly stands for someone’s soul.
  5.  Fairy Tattoo: It is for someone who wants to keep his or her inner child alive as long as possible.

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