8 Places in India where girls are not allowed to wear Jeans and Skirts

No Western Dresses is a Serious Rule in India, seriously?

No matter how educated and modern we become, the topic of western clothing for girls will always be a vogue. Girls, who dress up their self in jeans and skirts, are looked upon and are often called by different names given by the people of the society.

Banned Skirts and jeans

If a girl gets raped or molested, usually our society doesn’t blame the rapist but the dress of the girls. In India, people judge the character of girls by the length of their dresses. Instead of making the society safer for women and punishing the rapists, the ban on jeans, short skirts and other western looks for a woman is considered as a solution for sexual harassment.

From temples to educational systems, here are some places in India where girls can’t wear jeans or skirts:-

1.Adarsh Women’s College, Haryana

Adarsh Women College has banned on western attire stating a fine of 100/- each time they broke the dress rule and the school head Alaka Sharma told a leading news channel that, “The small dress don’t cover students and is the reason why they have to face eve teasing.”

2.Sri Sairam College of Engineering, Chennai

The reality is so far from the mask of Bollywood glamorous world to the daily wardrobe of a college student. Sri Sairam College of Engineering has an official dress code for girls that read “Big NO for girls”. From leggings, tight pants and tops to hair highlighting and even transparent or short dupatta, they have banned it all for girls.

3.RMD College of Engineering, Tiruvallur

In colleges like RMD the dress code is not only for the students who study there, but also to prominent guests invited to lectures. Here is an incident about a blogger Kiruba Shankar, who was supposed to ask to change into formal trousers as he was wearing a pair of denim jeans when he had been to RMD as a guest lecturer.

What to wear in India

4.Barmer, Rajasthan

A district in Rajastan, Barmer is a place, where not only wearing jeans for girls are banned but also the use of mobile phones and it’s compulsion for grooms to wear traditional dhotis. The Khap panchayat issued diktats banning western wear for security of young girls as the reason.

5.Villages of Uttar Pradesh

In at least 10 villages of Muzaffarnagar and Saharanpur district in west Uttar Pradesh, girls are totally banned from wearing western outfits and using cell phones. 17 Muslim council members of these areas suggested that this new rule will help and prevent crimes against women.


In Srinagar not only the local women, but the female tourists are scrutinized under ‘appropriate conduct of wearing’. The local religious group Jamaat-e-Islami Kashmir has banned to the women who comes to Jammu and Kashmir should not wear women from wearing revealing clothes in order to be respectful towards local ethos.

7.Women and Child department, Haryana

Places where we work, dress code gives high standards. But the Women and Child department of Haryana directed its field staff to wear decent clothes and banned from wearing jeans and T-shirt, calling it in away indecent. The matter of western clothing was pointed out by social welfare minister Geeta Bhukkal.

8.Temples in Tamil Nadu

It is coming under religious domain, the Madras high court passed an order which suggests a ban on jeans and shorts inside temples as such clothes are inappropriate for spiritual worship. Arulmigu Ramanatha swami temple being in lime light for tourist visit sent devotees and tourists back if the men were not in dhoti, pyjamas or formal shirts & trousers and women in sari or half saris with a blouse.

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