8 Natural ways to grow strong and healthy nails faster at home

8 Natural ways to grow strong and healthy nails, take a look 

We all love long and strong nails, right? Our nails depict our health condition and hygiene. They should be free of ridges, dents, and discolorations. A lot of us try hard to get strong and healthy nails but we don’t apply the correct trick. Today, we will tell you 8 natural ways to grow strong and healthy nails. You should monitor your nails regularly and eat a healthy diet to make them look beautiful.

Here are 8 Natural ways to grow strong and healthy nails:

1. Use thick moisturizers for cuticle care

Cuticles are a thin layer of skin near nails. It often gets dry, resulting in peeling. The best way to take care of cuticle is to use a thick moisturizer on it. You should apply moisturizer before going to bed in the night.

2.  Eat right

To get strong and healthy nails do not forget to eat right.  Green leafy vegetables and foods like blueberries which are full of antioxidants are really good for nails. Almonds can also do wonders in the growth of nails. Almonds are rich in magnesium.

3. Groom your nails on a regular basis

To make your nails stronger, you need to cut them on a regular basis. Grooming nails should be added in your list. Short nails are far less likely to broken and they are easier to maintain. You can keep them short but not too short.

4. Keep them clean

Keep your nails to maintain the hygiene level and also to stay away from the embarrassment of yellow nails. You can do it at home also. Just exfoliate your nails with lemon juice and baking soda.

5. Try Biotin

Biotin is a natural supplement. It promotes nail growth. According to some research, biotin may help with nail help. If you want to grow strong and healthy nails ask your doctor about taking biotin.

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6. Avoid Bitting them

This will not only spoil the shape of the nails but it can also make you sick. There could be so many bacterias on your nails that can make you sick.

7. Do not overdo manicures and pedicures

Do not overdo manicures and pedicures. It can damage your nails permanently. Avoid having your cuticles removed it can cause infection.

8. Choose the right pair of shoes

Shoes can make a big difference when it comes to nail health. Make sure you select the right type of shoes that leave about half an inch of wiggle room for your toes. Always wear socks with your shoes to keep your nails healthy.

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