8 most beautiful Honeymoon destinations in India

Here is the list of Honeymoon destinations in India

Honeymoon destinations in India are like no other in the world. India is one of the most famous travel destinations in Asia which attracts tourists from all across the world.

Best places for honeymoon in India includes the most popular beaches of the coastal areas. The ethereal atmosphere in the romantic hill station of the north. Charming deserts destinations in West India and the natural beauty of destinations of north East India.

Honeymoon destination

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Here are some beautiful places in our own country to choose from for that ideal post- wedding holiday.


A very popular honeymoon destination in India for couples, Goa has everything for you to make sure the honeymoon period never comes to end. Goa is blessed with beauty of beaches, coconut plants surroundings, lush gardens, heritage monuments. You can enjoy the popular beaches might parties, sea food and deep sea fishing.

Best time to visit

From March to May and October to February is the ideal time for honeymoon in Goa.

Honeymoon destination

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Honeymoon in Kerala may become memorable for honeymoon because Kerala has been one of the top honeymoon places in India for a long time. It offers the natural beauty of backwaters, sun bath at beaches. Kerala’s charm will keep you coming back for more and more because you can never get enough of the backwaters.

Best time to visit

From mid of September to the end of March is the best time to visit Kerala for a romantic honeymoon trip.


Kashmir is the perfect place for honeymoon. The white snow and complementary cold weather will have you two cozy-ing up in front of the fire in on time while enjoying the panoramic views outside your window. The lush valleys, sparkling lacks, high mountains and picturesque scenery makes it a perfect honeymoon destination that you will remember all your life.

Best time to visit

From October to January is the ideal time for honeymoon in Kashmir.


Ooty is one of the most beautiful and romantic honeymoon hill stations in India. Ooty is the most beautiful place in the entire South India.

Best time to visit

Ooty is the some of the honeymoon places in India that can be travelled throughout the year. Winter season is the peak time when honeymooners prefer to go Ooty.


If you are looking for honeymoon destinations in India, which can offer mountains, green hills, waterfalls, lakes, caves, boat riding, adventurous activities, romantic spot, temples, then Mahabaleshwar is the most preferred destination for honeymoon.

Best time to visit

From November to March or from March to June is the best time to visit.

Andaman and Nicobar Island

Andaman and Nicobar Island is the gateway of romance with the exotic environment. The top- notch, tourist privacy, superior dining, and a lot of adventurous sports and water activities makes it one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

Best time to visit

From October to March weather remains romantic and not much warm till the end of March.


Darjeeling is the most romantic winter honeymoon destination in India. Famous for the cold climate, beauties of pine trees, tea gardens, mountains, local traditional market and the most famous toy train journey.

Best time to visit

End of the monsoon is the best time to go Darjeeling.


The romantic climate, snow covered mountains, adventure sports, and the gorgeous view of Himalayas make Shimla one of the most favorite honeymoon places in India. There are plenty of brand restaurants, coffee shops, and fashion shops too where you can spend your honey time with your life partner.

Best time to visit

April to July in summer and October to February in winter.

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