8 Life Lessons that we learn after Graduating from College!

Fascinating College World that has taught us some essential life lessons

Undoubtedly, college is dreamy world and we all enjoy this beautiful phase in our life. Isn’t it? Getting out of school and entering into the world where you actually feel independent gives you an immense feeling of joy and happiness. Making new friends, hanging out at new places, Night outs become an important part of our lives. But once you will graduate from your dreamy world you will definitely get to know that what actually College has taught you.

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Here are few lessons that College life taught us:

Lesson One: The real world is scary but what is even scarier is living in your parent’s basements for the rest of your life. Get out and make something of yourself. You won’t be sorry. After Graduation, you will feel that how important it is to be independent.

Lesson Two: Clothes, makeup, and hair products are like alcohol; you get what you pay for. The same way cheap wine and vodka will give you a bad hangover cheap clothes, makeup, and hair products will fall apart, run off your face, and leave your hair frizzy, flat and damaged and you will look less than professional. So, professionalism is what College teach us.

Lesson Three: You will be poor. Not forever but for a substantial amount of time. Colleges do not tell you this because it makes them look bad, but once you are on your own you will realize how expensive life is when you have to pay for things like heat, electric and shampoo. These things are expensive and you will be a whole new kind of poor but this will not last forever. Eventually, you will come out the other side and have a new appreciation for things you once took for granted.

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Lesson Four: Accept help. Swallow your pride and accept help. Whether it is a place to live for a few months till you figure your stuff out, a friend’s mom cooking you a meal, or your friend buying you lunch or coffee. Accept it and say thank you. You are too poor for pride.

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Lesson Five: Find something to believe in. It does not have to be God or Jesus, it could be anything even something you made up. But trust us,  when you have not gotten a second interview for the past six job interviews you went on and you are eating eggs for the fourth straight week you are going to need something to believe in.

Lesson Six: You are not in college anymore; bathing regularly and dressing like a real person are now requirements. Yes, it is essentially important. Wearing the same sweats for a week straight is no longer acceptable. Neither is rolling out of bed and wearing your pajamas in public. You must dress like a human. Prepare yourself now and accept it. This will be one of the hardest lessons to come to terms with.

Lesson Seven: You must broaden your pallet to real food like seafood or steak. If you go to a business lunch and order chicken tenders you will not only look like a child but probably be seen as a child by your colleagues. If you absolutely can not find anything you like order a salad. It will come smothered in dressing and you will look mature and semi-health conscious.

Lesson Eight: Best friends do not always mean forever. That best friend you thought was going to be your bridesmaid will drift away slowly at first and then completely. It will be hard but letting go of them and holding onto your memories is the best thing for you to do. Friends are just temporary part of our lives.

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