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8 lessons from 8 months of Covid-19 every employee must have learned

Here are the 8 learnings for the employees of 2020

This year, with almost every culture and lifestyle seeing some change in their regular work habits due to COVID, the one group whose lifestyle took a major spin has been the lifestyle of employees. A corporate employee who used to work 10 am -6 pm in an enclosed and healthy place suitable for working, was now made to work at their homes, living with the family and managing with the probably poor communication because of no meetings in person. But amid the pandemic, this gradually became the new normal for all of us.

Well, now that we are in the 8th month of Pandemic, and although a few corporates have started being operational, there are many who are still operating from homes and likely to remain so until the pandemic gets over. Well, we know these 8 months wouldn’t have been difficult for them. but we are sure, the employees would have learned something from it. We have compiled the 8 leadership lessons from the 8 months of pandemic that every employee learned/ need to learn.

8 leadership lessons from 8 months of Covid-19

1. Accepting the uncertain and moulding oneself according to new reality

COVID pandemic, has been one of the most uncertain times for the world and can we say, the uncertainty has ended yet? Well no, not really. For the employees, as mentioned earlier, working remotely was tough enough in the initial days but over the period of time the employees have come to a stage of acceptance with the work from home. Hence the first thing that the pandemic must have taught is certainly  accepting the uncertain and moulding oneself according to new realities.

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2. Understanding importance of healthy communication 

“Communication is the key” is something we might have heard people say a lot of times but most of the time, it was just for the sake of saying. But now, with employees not being able to have those small and big discussions in their casual meetings everyday, they have understood the importance of it.

3. Exploring new ways of collaboration and communication and identifying that digital is not that difficult

Since most of the things shifted online because of the pandemic, it is necessary for every employee to get a hang of the digital medium. And guess what, they have come to the realisation that digital is not that difficult and have gotten a hang of it eventually. And of course, most of it was to explore and identify feasible ways to communicate, they have got accustomed to con calls and video calls.

4. Trusting each other

During the regular days when the employees were required to come to office, the managers had an authority of surveillance over the employees and they were able to get an idea of what the employees were doing. But now, with COVID, the managers have started to trust their employees with a sense that their employee understands the importance of work and will do it diligently without any push and surveillance. Though many organisations have been keeping a track of what the employees do using different softwares, yet they are forming a bond of trust with their employees.

5. Trusting oneself with decision making

Since all the employees are working remotely, at one point, every employee must have faced some or the other day where they were required to make decisions on their own. Of course, they can not just go, knock on their managers’ door every time they face an issue now. So, the work from home has definitely added to making employees self-reliant and good decision-makers.

6. Ensuring productivity with flexibility, autonomy and fun

Employees who have been managing working from home have been trying to work productively, with flexibility. Where the initial days would have been like there is no space between the personal and professional life, the pandemic has taught them time management, working with autonomy, having fun time and flexibly prioritising being productive.

7. Identifying talents without boundaries because working remotely is not impossible

Because now the corporates have learned exploring digital space, they have stopped seeing distance as a boundary. Hence, now they have started identifying talents from all around the world so as to ensure that they get the best quality work with distance not acting as a barrier.

8. Understanding the importance of joint effort

Well, no matter how efficiently a person works on an individual basis, if there is a lack of coordination and joint effort, all of it is vain. Most of the work in any organisation is part of a chain. If any part of it happens to be lost, the whole chain will get affected. In a work from home setup, if any employee doesn’t perform their duty, there will likely be a problem for the entire chain.

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