8 ‘Jaroori’ Things every college girl should carry in her bag!

College Ethics: Gals it’s time to give your bag a makeover 

Board results are out and students are now gearing up for their admissions in different colleges. Well, the moment we say, college it means a lot of fun, new friends, and of course, fashion.  So, once you enter college you need to take your fashion sense a notch higher.

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Here, are 8 jaroori things that every girl should carry in her bag: 

A pen and a diary: So that you pen down important things of every class.  This will also help you .during your semester exams

2. A bit of cash for an emergency:  One should always carry a bit of cash in his/her bag. Yes, modern girls do not carry cash in their bag, but for an emergency, you should always carry some cash.

3.Pocket Perfume:  Especially, during summers you should not forget to carry pocket perfume to keep bad odor at bay.

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4.Sanitary pads to rescue:  Girls, we all know keeping a sanitary pad handy all times is of great use. What if Aunty Flo decides to come early?  So, you always carry sanitary pads.

5.Mascara and a lip gloss:  College life means a lot of outings and you should always carry a mascara and a lip gloss for urgent plans

6. Carry an interesting book: There is no pressure of textbooks, so you can buy an interesting book for you. This will help you to enrich your vocab.

7. A packet of biscuits or some other snack: This comes handy when you are running late for class, and you don’t have time to have your breakfast or lunch.

8. Last but not the least, your oh- so – cool playlist: You should always carry your earplugs and you update your playlist so that you can always enjoy them while travelling.

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