8 Hilarious Videos by RJ Karishma that are a Gentle Reminder how men are always prioritized over women

RJ Karishma is a Popular instagrammer, here is why you should follow her!

RJ Karishma, or Karishma Singh, is a Radio Jockey on Red FM 93.5 in Indore, City.  Her show “Red Adda” airs from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday.  Known as the digital content creator across the country, she creates hilarious videos that get millions of likes on YouTube and Instagram.  Currently, she has one million followers on her Instagram account and many subscribers on YouTube.

Krishma’s videos are super funny but along with humour, she also takes a dig at the various patriarchal norms of Indian society. Especially, her videos featuring ‘Mummy ji’ are full of satiric humour targeting the age old tradition of spats between the mothers-in-law and the daughters-in-law. 

These short clips are also testament to how society treats the females of the house and how these women themselves privilege the men of the family.

Some of her hilarious reels are listed below.

1. Mummy ji has the same symptoms as her daughter-in-law! 

RJ Karishma has hilariously pointed out how Saasu maa always has the same problems as you! This is of course her proof of love for their daughters-in-law.

2. Classic Example of how kids miss their calling as a Chef!

This video will have everyone in fits of laughter. It’s the same in every household. Kids will want to cook multinational cuisine, only to find out that all they have of the ingredients needed is salt!

3. Chikky’s Mom is hopping this trend!

This reel only brings out the question..Isme Chikky ka kya dosh??? Is every parent as unreasonable as Chikky’s mom about new trends and technologies?

4. There’s Nothing More True Than this Video!

This is a scene we all have witnessed at some point. In fact, many might witness this multiple times a day.

This is a classic example of how even the women tend to privilege the men of the house. The mothers-in-law often tend to forget that it’s okay for their daughters-in-law to enjoy things in life!

5. Oops!!..I did it Again!

This is always a tense time in the house! It’s an unwritten rule that while your mother is mopping, you DO NOT walk on the floor. It is a universal fact!

Although, why is it so that all the urgent work comes to mind while mom is mopping?

6. Aaj Birthday hai!

Ever subjected to stupid traditions? This is the perfect example of mindless rules people are subjected to.  Ever subjected to stupid traditions? This is the perfect example of mindless rules people are subjected to, played by RJ Karishma to perfection!

7. Banna Re?

Here’s another take on trends from Chikky Beta’s Mom. She’s just annoyed with these trends. And honestly, these audios and trends do get annoying after some time.

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8. Kaala kyu?

Ever been in this predicament? Kaala kyu? Safed kyu?

And why are only women subjected to this?

RJ Karishma, once again proved her sharp wit with this video and called out the discrimination against daughters-in-law and women, in a patriarchal family.

Apart from these videos, RJ Karishma has presented us with numerous content which have tickled our funny bones along with making us question certain aspects of our society. Her shark wit, absolutely amazing sense of humour and intelligent takes on many things going on these days are super fun to watch.

Watch her videos for more content like these!!

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