8 Habits that can make you unprofessional at work!

Workplace Etiquettes: Overcome these unprofessional Habits!

The idea of what is “professional” has largely changed over the years. Email and other social media platforms have made communication more casual, and in most industries, what you wear at workplace probably looks quite different from how employees dressed for similar jobs 30 years ago. Act like a professional is a basic need that is actually require almost in every organisation.But some habits will never look good — so if you want to maintain your reputation and avoid embarrassment, you better make sure you are not  doing these 8 things at work:

How to shine at your workplace?
Tips to keep in mind

1.Taking up calls all the time: Taking up a genuine call in another thing but spending much of your time over the phone can be really disturbing.  Everyone has a life outside of work so occasional quick call to your sister or doctor is no big deal. But no one wants to hear you arguing with your husband or talking about your personal problems. So, guys better to save your personal conversation for post-work hours.

2.Catching up on Instagram all the time: We all get distracted by social media sometimes, but you need to minimize your scrolling when you are at the office. Remind yourself that you are in your office. If you use social media for your job, do not think for a second that your coworkers won’t realize if you are looking at your friend’s new engagement photos rather than whatever’s relevant to your company

3.Sending Snapchat: As hard as it is to resist seeing what you look like as a dog, wait. Isn’t it? Yes we all are Snapchat freaks but guys those filters are not going to disappear overnight (OK, some of them are), but taking Snapchat selfies at work (or any kind of selfies, for that matter) is never a good look.

4.Always being late: Another thing that includes in the list of unprofessionalism. We all are few minutes late sometimes, especially if we are depending on unreliable public transportation or metro which can cheat us anytime.  But while the occasional five-minute late might be understood, it is not cool to show up half an hour late every day.

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5.Talking Shit: Talking Shit is always leaving a bad impact on others. We all know how it feels to bond over a mutual dislike of something or someone. But too much negativity is never a good thing, and these kinds of conversations can be especially dangerous at work. Remember! Stop bitching about your coworkers because you are working with them whether you like it or not. Discuss these things outside the office.

6.Being passive- aggressive: You are not in middle school. If something’s bothering you, be polite but upfront about it. Showing aggression is not needed and it shows your unprofessional attitude too!

7.Calling in sick: Sick is in quotes for a reason. If you are not well, of course,  you should be resting at home! But do not call in sick and then Instagram a pic of you and your friend enjoying in the park. Either ask for a day off or go to work — but do not lie about your whereabouts. People will catch on.

8.Playing games on phone: Whether you are a Candy Crush lover or a Words With Friends pro, work is not the place. Ever. The workplace is meant for doing work.

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