8 fascinating kinds of hug that reveal the secrets of your relationship

A warm hug can make you feel really nice, here are 8 fascinating kinds of hug

Hugging is the most basic form of displaying affection and it is the most easiest way to express your warmth, care and feelings towards the other person. Not only do we greet each other with hugs, it’s gesture to communicate that we care. It is perfect stepping stone between holding hands and kissing. Even if you’re not the touchiest- feely person, a warm hug can make you feel really nice. So much can be put into a hug that cannot be said in words.Here are 8 fascinating kinds of hug which reveal a lot about your relationship.

A hug is magical. A hug says- “I care for you. You are my piece of heart and I will be always there for you. However, every hug means something different when a girl gives them to you.


Here are the 8 fascinating kinds of hug which can reveal the secrets of your relationship

1.The eye to eye

The eye to eye is a hug that is all about the connection of the soul. This position is all about deep love and personal kinship.

2.The pickpocket

The pickpocket is a hug that is all about comfort and ease. In this hug, one or both people have their hands in the pockets of the other. This position shows just how relaxed and comfortable your relationship is. You don’t have to work hard to make this partnership


3. The London Bridge

The London bridge is a hug that is all about keeping as much distance from one another as possible. Each person hugs with their upper body, while keeping their lower body quite far apart. This position shows a large amount of disagreement in the relationship.

4. The flying hug

The flying hug is hug that is all about passion and lust. One partner straddles the oyher, either while sitting down or flying in mid air. Whether or not you also have a deeper connection, this position reveals that you constantly lust after one another physical.

5 . The deadlock hug

The deadlock is a body-crushing hug that almost borders on a fear of letting go. In this hug, both people intertwine themselves as tightly as they possibly can, squeezing out every last drop of air separating them. This position is deep commitment and not wanting to be apart.

6.The reach around hug

The reach around is about two people who are truly partners in crime. One person puts a single arm around the other’s shoulder for a kind of half-hug. This hug is all about two people that are better off attached at the hip than attached romantically.

7. The protector hug

The protector is a hug that is all about sense of security. The person behind wraps their arms around the waist of the person in front, providing stability and taking on protective role. This position shows a large amount of trust in the relationship and shows that taking care of one another is very important.

8.The pat hug

The pat is a hug that is all about friendship and camaraderie. Each person literally gives the other a pat on the back as a signal of comfort. There’s not really a sense of intimacy involved in this hug. This position is more about kinship.

Reasons why we need hugs

  •  Hugging therapy is definitely a powerful way of healing.
  • The nurturing touch of a hug builds trust and a sense of safety. This helps with open and honest communication.
  • Holding a hug for an extended time lifts one’s serotonin levels, elevating mood and creating happiness.
  • Hugging relaxes muscles. Hugs release tension in the body.
  • Hugs can take away pain’ they sooth aches by increasing circulation into the soft tissue.
  • Hugs teach us how to give and receive. Hugs educate us how love flows both ways.
  • Hugs are so much like meditation and laughter.

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