8 exciting reasons to date a Delhi University girl!

Dating a Delhi University girl? Here are few things to keep in mind

The University of Delhi, as we all know, is one of the most prestigious universities in the country today. Lot of students dream every year to take admission in Delhi University and even lot of students enroll in Delhi University every year. Undoubtedly, India is full of intellectual people. By the virtue of its sky-high cut-off lists, the university is packed with the best crowd in the capital. And when it comes to the crowd, DU girls have always been on the front burner. They are smart, sassy, charming and what not.

So, here are the 8 reasons why there is nothing better than dating a DU girl:

Delhi Girls

1.Perfect combination of beauty with brain: Do not even think that she is a bimbo just because she is too pretty. The fact that she is a student of DU (despite the rocketing cut-offs), alone is the proof of how smart she really is! And where else would you find this rare combo?

2.Fashion queens: Well, Delhi girls are blessed with a sense of fashion. And so are the DU girls. They carry perfect designer clothes that are even cheaper from flea markets. To date, such a diva will sure make you a star as well!

3.Big foodies: Yes, they are they just love food. They are not like other girls who are bit conscious about their diet plans they just love to eat. From chaats to Chinese they are just crazy for it. Guys always plan a date that contains a lot of food.

4.Classy from appearance and desi from hearts: You will be shocked to see the transition she can undergo in seconds. From English enunciations to Bollywood dialogues, she will nail it like a pro. She even abuses in Hindi when angry. They are purely desi from heart.

She is a pro when it comes to fashion

5.Bold and fun loving : They are actually bold and fun loving at the same time. She is an extrovert, bold and strong headed person. She is not a ‘delicate darling’ and very well knows how to take care of herself. You do not have to worry about being her bodyguard. She can stand for herself whenever needed.

6 Born entertainers: She is a hoot when it comes to having fun. Clubs, lounges, drinks, hookahs; anytime, anyhow and anywhere, she will be ready to party!! She will leave no mile in making your days fun.

7. Aware: She is fully aware of everything around. You will be impressed by the extent of her knowledge. You can talk to her about anything from sports to politics to the economy, she will welcome all discussions. Gone are the days when all your girlfriend could do was gossip!

8. Independent: Undoubtedly, she is an independent and strong woman. She likes to have a free will and be self-reliant. She does not want to be dependent on somebody and walks with her head held high. That doesn’t mean she has an ‘attitude’ problem. She just likes to keep her dignity eminent.

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