8 Brain Training tricks that will increase your IQ and creativity

Train your Brain and boost your IQ: Here is how you can do it like a pro? 

A lot of people want to become smarter but it is not an overnight process.  Yes, you can join brain training programmes to increase your IQ and creativity but it can be quite expensive.  Not everybody can afford that fancy amount. So, how one can increase his or her IQ level?

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Brain Training tricks

Here are 8 brain training tricks that will help you to become smarter:

1. Make Writing a habit: You can always start your blog. There is no harm in it because writing polishes your skills. Penning down your stuff helps you to get a better understanding of the subject.

2. Reading books will make your brain smarter: Reading books on a regular basis will make your brain smarter because this will increase your grasping power

3. Make Meditation a part of your routine: Meditation soothes the mind.  Making meditation a part of your routine will help you to increase your concentration.

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4. Learn to teach:   When you teach yourself how to do things rather than just recalling them. This will  help you to keep recall important information

5. Storytelling could be a very exercise for the brain: Telling yourself a story can help you to memorize things better and increase your concentration power

6. Exercise and Eat well: It is important to do exercise on a regular basis and your diet also plays a vital role when it comes to recalling things.

7. Take Proper sleep:  Sleep of 8 hours is very essential. Our mind needs rest so it is important to take proper sleep

8. Practice simple Maths every day: Maths worksheet could be good brain exercise. This will make your brain sharper. You can create your worksheet and work on it on a regular basis.

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