Did 777 Charlie Make You Cry? Watch these 7 Heartwarming Movies on Dogs!

777 Charlie : 7 Heart melting Movies on Dogs for every Dog Lover.


  • Hachi: A Dog’s Tale
  • Marley and Me
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Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai broke down after watching 777 Charlie. Now you must be wondering what this 777 Charlie is. A spy movie? Well, it may sound like one, but it is not a Spy movie. Moreover, a Doggo movie. Let us know about it a bit more.

Rakshit Shetty’s new film celebrates the bond between man and dog. It was released on June 10 in five languages. Bommai is a dog lover himself. He was heartbroken after his pet dog passed away a year ago. Bommai could not hold back his tears after watching 777 Charlie. There is nothing like a sad dog movie to make you sob uncontrollably. 777 Charlie is the latest addition to the list. As pet parents, these movies will absolutely move you to tears.

Here are some other heart-warming Doggo movies that will leave you with teary eyes.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

It is officially the saddest dog film you can watch. It is based on the real-life story of a faithful dog in Japan. It tells the story of the dog, Hachi, who lives with an older man. One fine day, his human suddenly dies on the way home from work. Hachi spends the next 10 years at the train station waiting for him to return.

Marley and Me

This one is based on an autobiographical book by John Grogan. A newlywed couple takes in a badly-behaved puppy to see if they are ready for children. They name the beautiful yet mischievous yellow Labrador puppy Marley. The film follows Marley’s misadventures to a heart-breaking end.

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Old Yeller

The classic takes place in the 1860s on a farm in Texas. It was released in 1957 and is based on a novel of the same name. Set after the Civil war, this story is about a boy named Travis. A stray dog enters his life for the better, but the pooch meets a tragic end.

Call of the wild

The star of the movie is Buck, a CGI creation. The giant but generous dog Buck feels helpless when he is abducted. The sled dog then struggles for survival in the wilds of the Yukon.

101 Dalmatians

Yeah, yeah, yeah! You have watched this film. But hello! you must be a millennian, and this Generation Z should give this movie a try. Dog parents Anita, a fashion designer, and Roger, a computer game writer, rescue their litter of  Dalmatians puppies from Cruella De Ville, a crazy woman. Curella (no pun intended) wishes to use their fur to make a coat for herself. Yeah, told you she is crazy.

You can give this version a try to this version.

Finding Rin Tin Tin

This is one of those little-known dog movies that every dog lover around you keeps asking about. This film shows how friendships are born in unexpected ways and how dogs are loyal and brave even during hard times. Inspired by a story of a legendary German Shepherd named Rin Tin Tin – who was found by an American pilot Lee Duncan in France during World War I, this movie made the titular character one of the most sorted out and famous animal stars in Hollywood history.

Lady and The Tramp

There is no way to forget the classic animated romantic story of Lady and the Tramp when it comes to doggo movies. It tells the story of two people from different parts of the world falling in love after meeting on the other side of the world. This is one of the most beloved childhood films of all time.

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