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Remembering Women Warriors: 7 Women who created History & are worth remembering

Women Warriors who took part in the Quit India movement

Nearly seven decades have passed since independence and even today, for Indian Freedom Fighters, every countryman has a sense of respect and pride in his heart. We remember these fighters every year on Republic Day and Independence Day and thank them for their free lives. The contribution of men to the independence of the country is not less than that of women. Let us tell you about the women warriors who sacrificed their lives to make the freedom fight a success and participated strongly in this fight. In the struggle for India’s Independence from colonial rule or British Raj contribution of the women can’t be neglected. They faced various tortures, exploitations, etc. to earn freedom for us.

Here are some forgotten women warriors who took part in Indian Independence:

  1. Matangini Hazra:-She was known as the champion of the Quit India Movement.’ Their influence on the people was so great that the British were afraid of this. They were afraid that they would be able to provoke people for freedom. Due to this, the British shot him and killed him. But Hazra still did not back down and in the procession ‘Vande Mataram!’ She proceeded with the slogan.
  1. Kanaklata Barua: Kanaklata, who dreamed of joining the freedom struggle, wanted to join this fight at the age of 17. But due to being a minor, she could not join the Azad Hind Army. Still, she did not give up and joined her sister. Born in 1924 in Assam, Kanaklata was one of the greatest warriors of Assam. She joined the ‘Quit India Movement’ campaign for the freedom initiative launched by the Indian National Congress from Assam. Not only this, she died while moving to hoist the Indian flag in Assam during the Quit India Movement.

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  1. Tara Rani Srivastava: She was born in an ordinary family in Saran, Bihar, both Tara and her husband played an important role in the freedom struggle. On a certain occasion, during a protest march at Siwan police station, Tara’s husband was shot while leading the procession, but Tara still did not back down and continued her struggle.
  1. Kamaladevi Chattopadhyaya: Kamaladevi was the first woman in India to be arrested by the British government for her active role as a patriot leader. Also, she was also the first woman candidate for the assembly. She mainly worked towards improving the socio-economic conditions of women in India, reviving lost practices like theater and handicrafts. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan and Magsaysay for social service.
  1. Sucheta Kriplani: She was a Gandhian, Indian freedom fighter, and politician. Joined Indian National Congress and became the first woman Chief Minister of an Indian State (UP) and also founded the All India Mahila Congress in 1940. On 15th August 1947, she sang Vande Mataram in the Constituent Assembly.
  1. Aruna Asaf Ali: She was an active member of the Congress party at that time and participated in the freedom struggle shoulder to shoulder for the independence of the country. While in jail, she also fought for the rights of political prisoners of Tihar Jail. While in jail, she went on a  hunger strike for the benefit of the prisoners. For this, she had to face the punishment of the dungeon.
  1. Bhikaji Cama: She can also be remembered as the bravest woman in the history of the Indian independence struggle. She also participated in several national and international forums for gender equality. She was one of the founders of the Indian Home Rule Society. She wrote a lot of revolutionary literature.

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