7 ways to heal menstrual cramps

7 ways to heal menstrual cramps: Here is how you can cure it?

Periods come with lot of pain and menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps have become really common nowadays. The intensive pain is enough to irritate anyone and make their day pathetic. Here are 7 ways to heal menstrual cramps.

Here are the ways to heal your period cramps

1.Mild exercise

Obviously, pain causes us to stick to one place and avoid any movements. If you are doing this, don’t repeat. Research has proved that working out helps in releasing the feel good endorphins which also helps in reducing menstrual cramps. So, you must try aerobics and stretching exercise.

heal menstrual cramps

2.Apply heating pad

Heat can help relax muscles. So apply a hot bottle or heating pad over you lower abdomen for relief. You can also go for a hot shower and a warm towel.

3. Follow a healthy diet

During periods most of us end up indulging in junk food as a result of mood swings. But research has shown that avoiding intakes of junk food like chips, sugar, burgers, and pasta reduces pain and inflammation.

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4.Drink more water

During periods one should drink 8-10 glasses of water to avoid pain and inflammation. You should avoid alcohol as it promotes dehydration. You can also consume water with some lemon and mint. Also, try fruit juice and ginger tea.

5. Say no to caffeine

Avoiding caffeine can reduce menstrual pain. If you a daily consumer of caffeine try to reduce the dose slowly. Caffeine is present in tea, soda chocolate other than just coffee.

6. Massage using essential oil

Massage your lower tummy with essential oil. This increases blood circulation and reduces pain from 2.14 days to 1.8 days. Try oils like lavender oil, sage, cinnamon in order to avoid skin irritation.

7. Get quality sleep

Research has proved that women who experienced insomnia suffer from more cramps. Always try different positions to sleep and try to stick to your regular time schedule.

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