7 Unusual Rules that will completely blow your mind

Unusual rules of different countries that will blow your mind

We all are living freely in our own countries and we must thank god for it. As there are a lot of countries that have banned things that are really common for us. There are things, that you wish for and you get it, and that you want but still, you can’t get it. Well, banning things for the sake of something is good but there are some craziest laws around the world that will definitely leave you shocked. So, here is the list of seven unusual rules around the world that will shock you.

Just take a look:

1. Video Games are banned in Greece: Believe it or not but that’s true video games for which children are crazy for is banned in Greece. The Greek government banned all video games across the country in the year 2002. The government intends to stop illegal gambling which accidentally leads to ban video games. You can even go to jail for playing these games.

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2. Yellow clothes are banned in Malaysia: Yes, you can’t wear yellow coloured dresses in Malaysia. Wearing yellow, that maybe anything your shoes, hats, T-shirts, even your boxers it’s completely illegal in Malaysia. The yellow colour is considered “The colour of protesters”. Therefore, Malaysian government has banned yellow colour.

3. In Denmark, naming of a child is a major issue No, no it’s not banned you can name your child but there are proper conditions for it. Denmark’s imposing some rules for parents to naming their babies in place to keep safe the Danish children from odd names which were your mama’s fancy desire. You can choose a name from a list of 24,000 names (some for boys, some for girls). In case you want to name your child which is not available in the list, you have to take permission from the officials.

4. You can’t get western haircuts in Iran It’s impossible to even imagine that we can’t get a western haircut but in Iran you cannot get a western haircut. The Iranian government decides to ban several western things that cover western music, rap music, skinny jeans, pet cats and dogs, and tattoos to control the enormous influence of the Western civilization. Haircuts included ponytails, spiked hair, mullets. Iran’s barber Union banned all these haircuts because they thought Western hairstyles are a sign of worshiping the god of a devil.


5. Jasmine is banned in China: Yes, the flower jasmine is banned in China. The Chinese regime has banned Jasmine from the mainland of China. People are not allowed to sell it, grow it, and speak about it. After Tunisian jasmine revolution, China thought Jasmine has tremendous potential to destabilize its society it almost identical to weaken the China’s Democracy.

6. Jogging is banned in Burundi: Usually, people do jog to keep themselves fit, but it is banned in Burundi. It seems if you jog in the early morning which may result in life imprisonment. In Burundi jogging is consider as an act of war, so the president Pierre Nkurunziza officially banned morning jog to stop the conflicts between Burundi ethnic groups and they believe this law would halt the craze in the war.


7. You can’t eat ketchup in France: Who doesn’t like ketchup? But do you know it is banned in France? Yup school cafeterias in France ban ketchup cause the government felt the teenagers consuming too much ketchup and it ruined the originality of this traditional cuisine.

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