7 Unsaid Rules of Modern Marriage, experts reveal important points!

Unsaid Rules of Modern Marriage that you must read before saying “I do”

Marriages these days are not the same as they used to be. Men and women both consider a lot of factors before finally saying “I do”. Earlier, people used to stick to their marriage despite it being abusive. Nowadays, with growing awareness and women being independent, couples know that they have a way out if they aren’t happy. Well, that’s a positive change. One should not stay in a marriage just for the sake of it and yes, modern marriages require a lot of work. Today, people look out for financial stability, professional background and even political ideologies. Here we bring to you 7 unsaid rules of modern marriage that will help you to make your marriage happy!


1. Unsolicited Advice is a Big No

According to many relationship experts, one should offer support, lend an ear and try to understand the other person’s point of view instead of saying I know the best. This applies to everything from your partner’s outfit choice to how they deal with things at the workplace. Lend them your ear so that they can be comfortable around you.

2. Turn off Work mode at home

Everyone deserves attention in a relationship. When your focus is elsewhere, your spouse feels unwanted and unimportant. Make quality time top priority. You both may be working professionally and hardly get time for each other but make sure that you make time to be with each other. Make a rule for spending quality time – say no to gadgets and phones. Pay attention to things you people want to discuss rather than scrolling social media. You can block days for that in advance and make sure to completely go on social media detox during family time.

3. Hype each other and be each other’s Number 1

We all want to be celebrated and loved so always be each other’s number 1 and hype each other with all your heart. Experts believe that happy couples too have issues but they don’t let anyone get in between them.  This is one of the most important unsaid rules of modern marriage that you need to celebrate each other’s small achievements.

 Rules of Modern Marriage

4. Communicate what you are feeling

One has to understand that your partner has come from an entirely different background. Their upbringing was different, their thought process is different and the way they look at things might be different so you need to communicate. For example – You might have a habit of keeping your things organized but he or she doesn’t, then politely tell them instead of expecting a certain behavior from them.

5. Tell About Ex Encounters

You might have zero feelings about him or her but tell even the smallest details to them .From getting a facebook request to even an accident meeting at a coffee shop, you should always mention it to your partner. During an interview, Deb Castaldo, PhD, a couples and family therapist said, “ If there is nothing to hide then why to hide, hiding it can lead to an air of secrecy and dishonesty.

 Rules of Modern Marriage

6. No Gyaan on Political Ideologies: Respect the viewpoint

In recent years, we have seen many couples parting ways due to different political views. When it comes to marriage, you need to understand that you are marrying a person because you love them as a person and it has nothing to do with their political views. Your spouse can have different political views and you should respect rather than getting into a fight. Yes, healthy discussions can always be done.

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7. Don’t Criticize the family and friends

Yes, you are the most important part of their life but they have many other important people in their life. Criticizing friends and family is always a bad idea. Try to bond with them well instead of saying I don’t like that person.

So if you are also going to join the married club soon, these are 7 unsaid rules you should keep in mind for a happy marriage. Remember marriage requires constant work and effort really matters.

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