7 tips to make your weekend stress free and alive

7 tips to make your weekend stress free and alive

After the boring monotonous weekdays, we often think of taking rest during our weekends, right?  But a lot of times, we end up thinking about work and again exhausting ourselves not physically but mentally. This problem is not just confined to the working class people but it also prevalent among students. This sometimes often led to exhaustion, stress and temporary depression. So, here we are with some amazing tips on how to make your holidays happening and stress-free. 7 tips to make your weekends stress free.

7 tips to make your weekend stressfree

Here are the activities which can actually boost up your mental health

1. Keep an activity log

Write down all the activities you did at the weekend on Sunday night and analyze on which activity you spent your most of the time. Then plan your schedule for the next weekend in such a way that you must get maximum time for the fun activities, which keeps you happy.

2. Avoid extra sleep

Never lost track from your weekly schedule even during your weekends. Keep your sleep cycle same as having more sleep unnecessarily will make you lethargic and lazy.

3. Take a morning stroll

What could be more energetic than a morning walk? Grab your shoes and go for a long walk or jogging. It will keep you energetic for the rest of the day.

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4. Commit one day to fun

Give one day completely of your holiday to the activities that make you happy and alive. This will boost your mental health.

5. Get more work done during the week

Get all your work done during weekdays. Don’t save work for doing in your free time.

6. Play some sports

Play your favorite sports on your weekends with your friends. Spend some quality time with your family and friends.

7.Tap into your inner child

One should never let die the child inside them. Weekend activities like playing tag, shooting hoops, or climbing trees are just a few ways you can stay active while laughing and bonding with your children.

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