7 things you will relate to if you are a dog lover

Do you own a dog? Here are few things you will relate if you love dogs 

There are two types of people one who loves dogs and the other who haven’t become dog lovers yet. If there is something that is truly loyal to humans, the answer is ‘Dogs’. These buddies are the ones that love you unconditionally and yes – more than they love themselves. The love that dogs show towards their owner is just unmatchable with anything. They love you, protect you and just need you to pamper them in return.

The dog is a part of a family

Here are seven things that only a pet lover can understand

1.Dogs are never pet – They are Family: You carry them along wherever you travel. Evening walks, Vet appointments are now a part of your life. You feel frustrated when you can’t take your dog along. Trips without them is a nightmare for you.

2.You find them cuter than the babies: You can comfortably snuggle a dog, but holding a baby is a real struggle- they are so fragile. Dog whines are much better than babies crying.

3.They understand everything – even if they don’t: You tend to give them a lot of training and try teaching them a lot of tricks. You give them speech treatment even if you know that they don’t understand speech but you keep your faith alive and trust your training and Yeah they sometimes work too!

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4.All dogs are adorable but MINE is little cuter!: He can’t help it that his coat is a bit shinier his eyes are a bit brighter, and he is generally effortlessly cute. You can, though, and you do your best to help keep him that way – happy and healthy.

When you have no friends they are always there for you

5.They are always thrilled to see you: No matter what sort of a day you’ve had, coming home and getting welcomed from a dog is only going to improve it.They’re just so excited to see you – even if you’ve only left the room for a few minutes.

6.Huge involvement on social media pages: They’re just so cute when they head tilting thing, so you post multiple shots of them doing said a cute thing, just so you can see how cute they are, too

7.If someone abuses your dog that’s enough for you to pick up a fight: A random stranger, a friend or any relative, a bad word for them is enough for you to get angry and to just irritate you from inside. Your love for your dog is immense.

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