7 things you can definitely relate if you are Lucknowite who moved to Delhi!

Life of Lucknowites in Delhi

Every city has its own beauty and its own history as well. Lucknow is the city of Nawaabs and it is famous for its delicious food to amazing places. Higher studies or Naukri, there comes a point in Life when you have to move out of your city and settle yourself in a new environment. Among all those who moved out of Lucknow, a good number of them landed in Delhi-NCR. No matter how exciting it is to move to a new city, we end up missing Lucknow.

The food is so delicious

Here, are 8 things you can definitely relate to if you are from Lucknow and you have shifted to Delhi:

1. You will realize ‘Hum’ is not singular: Your whole life seems to be a lie when you find people making fun of you for saying ‘Hum’. You thought you were showing etiquette but they think you are being ‘Plural’. Because Delhi people often use ‘Tu’ or ‘Tum’.

2. ‘BC’ is used in every sentence: Being a Lucknowite you always show your Tehzeeb to others. You always take a backfoot when you hear ‘BC’ being used as a ‘Pet Phrase’. You notice how ‘Ama Yaar!’ gets replaced by ‘BC’ in Delhi. You will find people use BC in every sentence.

3. Chandni Chowk always reminds you of Aminabad: You get the beautiful feeling when you enter old Delhi. The crowded lane of Chandni Chowk reminds you of your own Aminabad.

4.You can’t get of shaahi khana of Lucknow: Delhites may boast about their multicultural cuisines, but you just can’t stop boasting about ‘Lucknow ka Khana’. From Kabab Paratha to Kulcha Nihari, Biryani to Khasta-Kachori, and delectable Malai Paan. You miss every bit of it.

5. Every time you come home you find Lucknow more developed: Lucknow has developed a lot in recent years. Every six months when you visit home, you are surprised to see the increasing number of cafés & hotel chains, Parks and International Cricket Stadium in your city.

6. ‘Suji ke Batashe’ pass you off. You miss Lucknow ki ‘Chaat and Pani Batashe’: ‘Suji ke yaa Aate ke Batashe’. Like Really? You miss Lucknow ke batashe which comes with no such categorization. Delhi cannot please your taste buds when it comes to ‘Chaat & Pani Batashe’. Even Kangna Ranaut liked it Lucknowi way.

7. You can’t wait Lucknow metro to run: When Delhites talk about Delhi Metro comforts, you can’t stop yourself from saying, “Humare Lucknow Mein Bhi Metro Aa Gayi Hai”. Isn’t that true?

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