7 things that your guy do for you to bring a smile on your face!

Relationships have always sweet and bitter taste as couple share some good memories and some bad too.

But girls if your man really loves you then he always wanted to see a cute smile on your face.

He put all his efforts to do the same.

Here, are few things that a man do to just bring a smile on your face.

Just go through it:-

1. When he brings you hot chocolate in bed on a day you’re getting menstrual cramps to just uplift your mood.

2. When, without any reminders from your end, he remembers
your pet’s birthday.


Ranveer and Deepika

3. When you both are busy socializing with different people at a party.

4. When he shows (and feels) the same amount of excitement for your birthday as you’re feeling.

5. When he knows you’re having a bad day and he does his bit by calling you and telling you that he’s around if you need him.

6. When he puts in an extra effort to get to know your friends and family, and ultimately shares a great rapport with them.

7. When he puts his arms around you and keeps you from being pushed and shoved in a massively crowded place.

Well, these all efforts from your boyfriend make your bond stonger. So, guys just do something to make your girls feel special.

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