7 ‘Surprising Traffic Rules’ in India that you might not know

7 Amazing Traffic Rules in India that probably you didn’t know

So, indeed driving is lot of fun. We all are fond of long drives. Isn’t it? Driving has its own consequences as well like its really irritating driving in busy roads. Driving is boring when it becomes regular. This is because you have to meet with traffic jams everyday which often leads to frustration. But you should never break traffic rules because of frustration.

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Traffic laws are not just about following the red light or putting the seat belts on. In a country like India, there are several more traffic rules that are not so popular among commuters. The Motor Vehicle Act covers some violations that most people probably don’t know about. These rules are there to protect the driver and the persons in or on the vehicle. However, hardly anyone follows them.

Just go through these unspoken traffic rules that you may not aware of:

1. If you are stuck in a parking lot because someone has parked his vehicle right in front of your exit, you can call the cops and that driver would have to pay a fine of Rs 100.

2. Not having a functioning horn in your car may get you in trouble. The law says if a car is playing without a horn to warn the other drivers on road, a fine of Rs 100 can be slapped on the driver. So, please have a proper functioning of system in your car.

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3. In Chennai and Kolkata, if a driver cannot get his or her passenger first aid in case of an accident, he or she may land in jail for three months or pay a fine of Rs 500. Keep first aid box always updated.

4. In Delhi-NCR, smoking inside the car attracts a fine of Rs 100.

5. In Kolkata, parking one’s car in front of a public utility such as bus stops can attract a fine of Rs 100.

6. If you are resident of Chennai and want to borrow your friend’s car, make sure that friend is well aware of the fact that you are taking the car. Not doing this may attract a fine of Rs 500 or worse, a three-month term in jail. Mumbai, installing a TV or any video device on your dashboard is considered to be a punishable offence. A fine of Rs 100 can be slapped on the violator.

7. If you are in Mumbai and you have left your car engine on while idle, get ready to pay Rs 100.

So, next time when you are on the driving seat make sure you follow all the laws.

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