7 signs that show you are an ‘Instagram Freak’!

You can relate to these points if you have an addiction of Insta!

Entire world is becoming socialized not through face to face interaction, but through social networking sites. Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp have now become an integral part of our lives. We cannot imagine our life without these apps, isn’t?


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Here, we have come up with some points you may relate if you are an ‘Instagram Freak’!

1. The first app you check each morning, even before Facebook is instagram. You know you are not going to see any real sort of breaking news on Instagram, but you will see who is wearing what today and cute pictures of donuts and coffee positioned perfectly next to each other – and that is special. That is a special way to start a day.

2. You plan your next Instagram post days ahead. The idea comes to you, but you know the necessity behind taking your time to execute it perfectly on the right day, at the right time. You very well know when to post and what to post.

3. Most importantly, the one day you did not post, at least two friends texted you: “Hey, you are well na?”

Are you an instagram freak?

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4. You know all about the like-to-minute ratio. If you have not had at least 8 likes in 3-5 minutes, it is a bomb and should more than likely be taken down immediately before anyone else notices it and does not like it. So, basically you want more likes in just few minutes in order to gain Insta Status.

5. Unless it’s Instagrammed, a night out with your friends did not happen. End of story.

6. Same goes for that super impressive meal you made for yourself at home. How else is the world supposed to know you mastered a new dish tonight unless you post these pictures on Instagram.

7. You check Instagram constantly. It is a tick. You do it so much, you do not even realize but it’s happening. And you do not only check it for likes – you may not have even posted something yet today, but opening the app and quickly scrolling until you see the very last picture you already saw is an unbreakable and totally pointless habit.

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