7 Sexy Yoga positions that you should definitely know !

Yoga and its sexy positions: Here is all you need to know

Yoga is the ultimate ayurvedic solution to every problem. Doing yoga on a daily basis is really very good for our health. Breathe in, breathe out. After leaving yoga, you usually feel calm and at peace with yourself, which is what you should feel. Sexy Yoga is one of the types of yoga. You should definitely know about sexy Yoga positions.

Sexy Yoga positions
Sexy Yoga positions

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Have a look and try to learn these yoga positions:

#1 Savasana. You may be wondering why this is a sexy position, but it is. You are completely calm and laying on your back in the natural human pose. Nothing fancy, nothing forced, just your body in a resting position. What more is required to look sexy? Also, this sexy yoga position is a great turn on for guys as they will be able to easily scale up and down your body, feeling every inch of you.

#2 Tree Pose: This is another sexy position you should know about. You are standing perfectly straight with your palms touching each other above your head and one foot against your thigh. You are stretched out, and your stomach and chest are exposed. This is a great position for stretching your entire body and also for having sex in the shower.

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#3 Puppy dog stretch: This one sounds so sweet and innocent and sexy as well. When the guy is just giving it to you from behind, there is nothing innocent about this position. Basically, you are on your hands and knees with your butt sticking up in the air. You get a good stretch out of it, but this also is the perfect position to hit the g-spot.

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#4 Reclining pigeon : This is also a sexy yoga. You lay on your back, bending your left leg and resting your right leg horizontally across the other. This will first of all, stretch your gluteus. But, it will also help support your man when he enters inside of you.

#5 Bridge Pose: This position is hot. You are working out your glutes by lying on your back and raising your cute little butt into the air. You can do this position inside the bedroom as it may help you become even more aroused. If you find your legs getting sore, just ask your partner to help you out by holding them for you. This is one of the sexiest yoga.

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6 Half dog at the wall: This is where you are trying to go into a downward dog but you are too horny to make it fully, so you end up bending over halfway with your arms holding the wall for support. Couples must try this pose.

7 Cobra: This one is great for…stretching, right, it is great for stretching your spine. You are lying flat on your stomach, and slowly pushing your upper body up with your arms, keeping your legs on the ground. Once you’re done stretching your back, get your partner to come over and give it to you from behind.

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