7 Questions that you should definitely ask your Gynae!

Do not feel embarrass in asking these 7 questions from your Gynae

Our body is a complicated creation and we all are different from each other. One thing that works you might not work for me. Understanding woman’s body is bit more difficult. It’s important to understand that it’s a feat in itself. Here are 7 obvious questions that you should ask your gynecologist during your next visit.

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1.Should I worry about itching down there?

Occasional irritation and itching is completely fine. However, if it is persistent and hurts you, then you should get it checked. It could be an infection

2.Why my Period flow is light/ heavy?

Well, depends from person to person. If you bleed really heavy during your period, then your gynae can help you to know whether it’s okay or not according to your body type.

3.Should I groom my genitals?

This is a matter of choice but if you are confused, then asking it from your gynecologist is a good idea. She can tell you what would be a better way- to shave, trim or wax.

4.What is vaginal discharge?

Vaginal discharge is normal. Especially the clear and white is not something that should concern you. However, if its color is different, you should seek help of your gynae.

5.How can I perform a proper breast- self exam?

This something that you should learn to do it on your own. Your gynae can actually teach you how to perform breast self- exam.

6.Is it safe to have sex during periods?

This is one thing that you should decide on yourself. However, you can always consult your gynae on whether having sex while on your period is a safe option or not?

7.Why does it smell down there?

All of us, women, have a certain distinct smell. There are several reasons that determine this odour –our hormones, hygiene and even food. Your gynae can tell you if what you’ve been smelling is a normal odour or a sign of an infection..

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