7 oh –so – interesting village of India that you should visit

From ‘Doorless village’ to ‘Modern village’ all are unique in their own way! 

India, a land of beautiful landscapes, is mainly an agriculture-based economy. Thus, its growth depends very much on the villages. India has a lot of villages and every village is unique in their own way.  Nearly 65 percent of the Indian population lives in villages. The ‘Gaon’ with the green fields, clean air, and clear blue sky always gives a nostalgic charm to any individuals. Village life is much better than metropolitan city hush-hush life.

But it is very unfortunate that villages which have so many things to offer are still very backward. Poverty, lack of education and lack of even the basic needs are some prominent problems. But, beating the odd, there are some Indian villages which have set a different level of milestone altogether.

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These ‘hatt-ke’ villages will definitely blow your mind! Here is a list:

1.Shani Shignapur– The Doorless village: This Village has no doors even the bank has no doors. People who stay here have a doorless house they even keep their valuables and money in the open and not in cupboards or any locker. It seems it is freaking safe place to live.

2.Kodinhi Kerela: The Twins Village: This village is a big mystery to the researchers around the world. It is no less than magic that this place is known for having 400 twins and it is called twins town. It is a village of twins only.

3.Shetpal Maharashtra: Snake village: This village has snakes as their integrated part of their family. They even have a place for snakes and the snakes have full freedom roaming here and there. And incidentally, there are no any snakes’ bites cases. Cool enough!

4.Mattur, Karnataka: Sanskrit Village: It is the only village was 90% people speak in the Sanskrit language in there day to day lives. Pretty unusual and amazing that people are keeping the Sanskrit alive. With the passage of time, people are actually forgetting these traditional languages but this Village has kept the spark alive.

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5. Rongdoi, Assam- Frogs Are Married Off For Rainfall: Residents of this village marry off frogs to please the rain of God. They even perform every ritual of a wedding.


6.Barwaan Kala, Bihar: The Bachelors’ village: This Village has more than 150 bachelors from the age group of 18-80 years. This village has not witnessed any marriage in past 50 years because of its failed infrastructure but in March 2017 they have finally welcomed a first bride. Let’s hope it gets more brides soon.

7.Punsari, Gujarat: A modern Village: A village which did not have any electricity now has boasted of Wifi, CCTV Cameras, Solar powered street lights, and everything else.

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