7 Obvious questions every Recruiter asks & How to handle them like a pro

Tips to ace an interview: Here are 7 obvious questions that every recruiter asks

There is no particular formula when it comes to cracking an interview. In the age of multitasking and social media, there are so many things that a recruiter consider before hiring a person. Well, there is no tested formula but there 7 obvious questions that every recruiter asks. Preparing for them in advance can help you to easily crack the interview.

A brief Knowledge about the organization is important

Prepare for the interview like you would prepare for any competitive exam. Read up about the organization you are applying for, study your competitors, get informed about the industry you are getting into. All this would help you to ace that interview.

Facing an interview

List of 7 Questions that every Recruiter Asks:

1. Tell us Something about yourself?

This is a very common question and almost every recruiter ask this. A lot of recruiters start off with this question to put you at ease.  This is a candid question where recruiter expects a casual answer from you. So, you can talk about your likes, dislikes. You can also highlight your qualities.

2. How do you deal with stress?

Well, a lot of people say that they don’t get stressed easily. But that’s not true. In this era, getting stressed out is common.  Prepare answer fo this question in advance. Thinking back to a stressful situation at work and noting down how you dealt with it- by not losing your temper, making to-do lists or delegating work. After that, answer the question like a pro.

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3. Why should we hire you?

This is the perfect question where you can highlight your qualities. Sell your skills to the recruiter without sounding arrogant and boastful. Make your interviewer feel that he can’t do with you.

4. Why are you leaving your current job?

Reasons could be personal. Even if your previous employers have a bad reputation. Do not talk negatively about them. Mould this question by saying, I am looking for new opportunities,  I want to enhance my skills and leaving my current job is completely a professional decision.

 5. When they ask about salary package

You should be clear about the package that you are looking at. Quote a good amount and then assure your employer that you worth it. However, after giving a number, make sure you tell your employer that you are flexible when it comes to remuneration and are willing to negotiate.

6. When she or he asks about your biggest professional achievement

Be honest. Highlight all your past achievements but do not exaggerate. Remeber he or she doesn’t know you but sitting across the table to judge you, so you need to put your best foot forward.

7. Any questions for us?

Have some questions to ask so that you look like an enthused candidate. Do not ask about leaves and holidays. Ask something interesting. You can ask about work culture or about recent changes. Remember organizations look for smart candidates who know their job.

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