7 Mistakes You Should Never Make While Wearing An Indian Outfit!

Hacks and Rules to Wear Indian Dresses

Indian outfits always give ladies a stunning look whether it is a Sari, a Lehenga, a Salwar Suit or an Anarkali. There are a lot of other ethnic clothes are available too that you can wear to enhance your look. The love for Indian outfits goes beyond imagination, and one should never let go of any opportunity to flaunt these gorgeous dresses. Whether it’s a puja, wedding or a festival— women look nothing less than a diva in their Indian attire. But somehow it’s not so easy to carry Indian dresses and even no one have such ideas to be the best.

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Here are some pointers to keep in mind to avoid making these 7 mistakes while wearing an Indian outfit:-

Wrong Fabric and Its Damages: A common mistake that all Indian make is that they don’t keep a stock of Indian outfits according to the prevailing weather conditions. So you should know the idea to choose the fabric wisely because the humid heat or extreme cold may not only ruin your outfit along with your looks, it may spoil your mood too! Do remember to choose a fabric that not only compliments your skin but your figure too. So remember to choose your dress and fabric wisely.

    • The Most “Ideal” Silhouette: Pick the best style that suits your figure. Selecting a fluffed up or a shapeless shift of a dress can ruin your all looks not matter how fashionable or trendy it might be. Instead of it, go for something that suits you perfectly like if you have a narrow waist you can go with the fitted one at the waist, but if you have wider hips so go for an outfit which is flowy below the waist.
    • Blindly Going with Fashion Trends
      The latest trends or your favorite celebs dress is not necessary that it will look good on you. Those clothes may look very nice on the models. Do remember a long-tailed gown styled kurta or an extra heavy skirt may not only be uncomfortable to wear, but can also be extremely annoying to handle. Try that style which suits you the best and which you can carry off effortlessly too!
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  • Wear the Right Outfit on the Right Day: Make sure you are going to wear the right outfit on the right occasion wearing —as wearing a clingy low cut outfit to a puja may not be the best idea.
  • Avoid Wearing the Wrong Shoes: Remember, attire has to be complete from head to toes to make you look like a gorgeous woman. The most beautiful Indian outfit paired with western style shoes could spoil your whole look. So, do not forget to wear the right shoes with your dress.
  • Say No to Visible Safety Pins: Firstly, everyone should learn to wear outfits with a minimum use of safety pins. But if you are unable to handle your dress without more than one pin, make sure it is not visible to the whole world. You need to appear in the functions as a person who can carry off your ensemble flawlessly and with supreme confidence. So remember to hide this stuff as far as possible.
  • Don’t Show Off the Undergarments Too: Yes, you heard it right! Bra straps that can be seen or your panty line being visible can be disastrous! You should pick the right lingerie too needs to be picked for your outfit. A nude color goes best with a fitted bodice. Shape wear is mostly a useful stuff but should not be shown off to the world.

So, there you have the rules and hacks to wear an Indian ethnic that will always help make you to look and feel beautiful on every occasion!

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