7 Magical Indoor Plants Which Will Bring Love and Luck!

Indoor plants which will bring prosperity in your life

Keeping plants in home can help you in numerous ways. Plants not only create positive environment around us, but they can also bring luck and happiness in abundance for us. Let’s focus on some indoor plants which can bring good energy into your life. Whether it is about love, luck, health or wealth, the following plants have gained a reputation image for bestowing on them who care for these plants: – the Money Tree, Lucky Bamboo and the Peace Lily.

Indoor Plants

Take a look on these plants and make your life prosperous:-

  • Lucky Bamboo : Bamboo is basically known for bringing joy and wealth. It offers you protection, charm and luck. It does effects on black magic and as well break hexes from your life and grants wishes to you. Bamboo is said to help increase mental flexibility, aid in spiritual growth, help people to develop artistic talents, and encourages good health. If you’re feeling depressed, bamboo is the best plant to have in your home, as it can help you to feel less stuck and messy.
  • Healthy & Wealthy Basil: Basil has a lot of prosperity in itself as it brings love, passion, wealth, luck and beauty to your home. If you grow basil plant in your house you can use it to flavor your food, tea and many others, it’s said that you’ll awaken passion in anyone who will eat it. Basil is also known for being an antidepressant, antiseptic and antibacterial, too.
  • Powerful Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle brings money into your home and gives protection. People believe in that crushing the flowers and placing it next to your forehead can boost your psychic powers. The smell of honeysuckle sharpens your intuition too. In addition, honeysuckle also has delicious edible nectar and it smells absolutely incredible.
  • Dreamy & Romantic Jasmine: Jasmine brings love and money to home, and encourages your prophetic dreams also! Jasmine oil is known for being one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, so this is a fantastic plant for single babes or anyone wanting to keep the romance alive in their love life.
  • Relaxing Lavender : Lavender plant smells wonderful and is known for its mood-elevation and calming properties. A dab of lavender oil on your pillow will send you off to sleep in seconds, it brings inner peace, and it’s awesome for headaches also. The scent of lavender is said to attract men! Either way, I think it’s one of the most relaxing scents in existence.
  • Peaceful Lily: This green plant with gorgeous bright white blooms helps humans prosper by significantly improving their indoor air quality, helping to prevent asthma, headaches, chronic illness, cancers and more. The Peace Lily does all that simply by being there in your home. It can detox your air of the following toxins: benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. It cleanses the air of cigarette smoke, paint and furniture fumes, and many more.
  • Snake Plants: Some people consider it as a bad fengshui plant. However, when it is placed in ideal position in the home, office or wherever you want to, a snake plant can bring strong protective and positive energy and shield the homeowners from negativity. Be very sure about positioning the plant in an area of the home that’s not heavily occupied by lots of people.

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