7 irritating Things about Travelling In the pink coach (ladies comp.) Of Delhi Metro

1. You will be squeezed out in lady compartment as females thinks, we all are females and we can adjust but the adjustment in the seats can kill someone.

2. Everyone will calmly stand in the line at the Rajiv chowk but as the door opens they will madly run towards the seats pushing everyone like they’re going to get a kings seat.

3. Conversation over the phone with their boyfriends (nahi babu, nahi shona, aisa nahi hota Na I love u) and the irritating lines can make you think “I want to die”.

 7 irritating Things about Travelling In the pink coach (ladies comp.) Of Delhi Metro


4. Playing candy crush on phone that makes you yell at the people but what one can do we to pretend like we are not looking at them.

5. Where you will stand on your one leg in the rush crowd that time some girls will read the love romance novels and they will smile like everything written on the book is happening to her.

6. Listening to music over their headphones, they think only I m listening to that song but everyone also listens to her because the volume is that much high, sometime I asked the people to please lower your volume( volume kam karlo yaar)

7. The stupid cat fights in the metro (aap thoda dur khadi ho jau) why you are sticking to me. God!! It’s crowded I am not interested in sticking to you!

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