7 Good Reasons to marry a person from the same profession!

Why it is okay to marry a person from the same profession?

A lot of relationship experts say that marrying a person from the profession is a bad idea. Well, there were cases where this argument became true. But the statement not always holds true. Marrying a person from the same profession can change your world (in good terms). Yes, opposites do attract and it is correct to some extent. But you won’t able to adjust with a person who is completely different from you. For a blissful relationship, you need to have some similarities. If there is nothing in common, then it could become a tough love ride. There are so many couples out there who are in the same profession and are happily married. Deepika –Ranveer, Kareena Saif, Saina Nehwal, and Parupalli Kashyap are some live examples.

Here are 7 Good Reasons to marry a person from the same profession:

1. Common things to talk about

When you and your partner is in the same profession, then there is so much to discuss. You will people have common things to talk about. It cuts down the boredom. But remember not to bring work to home. If you need advice or a second opinion your partner would always be there.

2. He or she will understand your priorities and work commitment

Yes, you get an advantage here. If your partner is from the same profession, then he or she will understand your work commitments. He/ she will understand the nitty-gritty of your work which automatically leads to fewer fights.

3. Guidance

For example, if you are your partner both are working for a media firm, you can guide each other. Be it the kind of content, work pressure or team management, you people can guide each other on different things.

4. Vacation can be easily planned

Working in the same profession gives you the opportunity to plan vacations together. You people will know in advance about offs so it would not be a mess

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5. Family adjustments would be easy

When you both are in the same profession there would be no questions like – Aaj toh jaldi aa jaati/jaata. Your partner will understand that your work is important

6. You would be able to spend more time with each other

Being in the same profession will help you to spend more time with each other. Whoa! Sometimes we need time with each other and being in the same profession enjoy the quality time together.

7. Problem- solver is always there

He or she will understand that you had a long day. If you have some problem, then he or she can come to your rescue. You can take their advice and can bare your heart.

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