7 Everyday Myths That are Implausible

7 Everyday Myths That are Implausible

7 Everyday Myths That are Implausible

7 Everyday Myths That are Implausible:- Myth refers to a simple definition of a story or belief that is handed down through history.

This is passed through an oral communication. That often explains or gives a value to some unknown perception, belief, or act. Myths usually spread through word of mouth. No physical evidence as such exists in nature for the myths.

In our daily lives, we are bombarded with several myths that we may or may not believe. But are proposed to act upon them. For one such case, citing the famous scenario – of our mothers telling us not to do/eat abc as today is some xyz occasion. Haven’t we all faced this? Certainly yes, this is what myths are about. No evidence, just a belief.

7 Everyday Myths That are Implausible
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Scribbling Down 7 Everyday Implausible Myths –

1. If you swallow a chewing gum, it will in your stomach for seven long years, we all have heard this sincechildhood. And trust me, I would be having so many gums cling in my stomach.

2. If you swim right after eating meal, you will feel cramps and might drown as well, we are always told to wait for at least 15 minutes or half an hour to swim. Whereas, this has no truth in it, it is just over-protective parenting.

3. Sugar causes children to become hyperactive, the fact with this myth is, and the kid is hyperactive because he/she is a kid and nothing else. Sugar metabolism works differently.

4. If you shave your legs, your hair will grow back thicker, famous myth indeed. Most of us (girls) completely rely on this myth and do not opt for shaving. Apparently, this is not the truth. The hair might grow little faster but not thick. Come ‘on it’s a shaving razor not stimulating hair growth razor.

7 Everyday Myths That are Implausible

5. Eating of chocolates causes acne, oh child! Don’t you know chocolate masks are famous and are making its way for the newest trend? Chill everyone, chocolate is sweet no doubt, but it does not cause acne at all. Break this myth! Bang on with your chocolate eating binge habit.

6. Going out with wet hair increases chances of catching cold, you basically don’t get cold from going out with wet hair, it’s kind of with the people you hang out. The diseased people who are already infected with cold.

7. Cracking of knuckles can cause you arthritis, this misconception comes from the belief that the sound we hear when someone gets a loud crack out of their knuckles is the actual sound of their bones grinding against each other, but that is not the case at all. Peace – out.

How many more myths are there that you kinda belief on in your daily life? Are you still acting modern while your beliefs are from old-world? Break stereotypes, Live and Let Live!

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