7 convincing reasons why you should colour your hair at least once in a lifetime!

Do experiment with your hair and make it colorful!

Well, hair coloring is once again in trend. Girls are giving their hair different shades and they are looking absolutely gorgeous. From green to red all types of shades are beautiful. Hair coloring is just a beautiful way to express yourself nothing else.

Choose the one which suits your personality

Change is indeed good! We must suggest everyone to go crazy at least once in a lifetime. Color your hair and give serious fashion goals to others too.

Here, are few reasons that might convince you to color your hair:

1. People will complement you all the time: When your hair is colored, anywhere you will go, you will meet someone who will definitely love it.

2. There are millions of possibilities in one shade alone: As previously mentioned your hair is only limited by your imagination. You like purple? There are a million shades of purple alone that you could dye your hair. Dark, bright, or pastel purple? Warm or cool purple? You just have to choose the color.

3. Kids will recognize you as fairy: The most amazing part of colouring your hair is that kids will really like it. If you like kids there is nothing in the world you will like better than catching a little kid staring unashamedly at you in a restaurant, their eyes flickering back between your hair and your face. If you give them a little wave, usually their eyes will light up and they will give you a smile, happy to be acknowledged with someone with as many magical powers as you.

4. Old people look at you like you are the Antichrist: This is not so much an awesome thing as it is just an amusing one. Just as you will catch babies staring at you, you will also catch people much older and supposedly much more mature than you staring and whispering to one another when you walk in a room. It’s always fun to look at them to see them look away quickly and pretend like they were not just gossiping about you.

5. Its fun to express yourself through colors: Other people have clothes, or their accessories, but you have your hair, which you always have on you. People get that you are fun and creative well before they look at what you are wearing, and depending on the color and the way you choose to dye it says a lot about your personality.

6. You can match your hair and clothes: Great part of hair colour. You can match your hair and clothes. Other people have to match their outfits with their shoes or accessories you can make it simple by just matching it with your hair. Isn’t it cool?

7. If you dye your hair properly, it really can be good for your hair.

A common misconception is that dyeing your hair repeatedly fries your hair. This is very wrong. Colouring is not harmful at all. Most semi-permanent dyes, in fact, work wonders to condition your hair. If you plan ahead, you can go a few dyes before bleaching, thereby giving your hair some time to heal before another bleaching. Think of color wheel- if you dye your hair blue, and it fades to a very light blondish-blue, no bleaching is required to dye it purple, as it would to dye it back a warmer color like orange.

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