7 bold statements made by gorgeous Radhika Apte and we just loved it!

Radhika is none less than a queen!

No, it’s not her birthday we don’t need an occasion to discuss this badass diva! Radhika Apte is one of the underrated actresses in Bollywood who is an ultimate bundle of extreme talent and art. Starting from the non-commercial cinema Radhika has shown some markable performances establishing her name in Bollywood and slowly stepping into the commercial cinema too.


Well, the actress always prefers strong content over entertainment. Her outstanding performances in movies like Parched, Maanji: the mountain man and Padman has left us praising this beauty every time we watch her on a big screen. She is quite serious about her career and never failed to impress her.

1. Working with Khans is not her priority. She doesn’t feel to uplift her career with working with Khans. She is a self-sufficient actress.

2. Her reaction to controversies ate always bang on! “When some of my intimate scenes from Parched were leaked online I learned about it while having breakfast with my husband I was expecting this to happen anyway and we both laughed it off.”

3. She doesn’t beg for roles in Bollywood she believes that hardworking pays best.

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4. She is not a label freak. “I am not in favour of labels. The more you run away from one kind of label, the more people will try to put another label on you.”

5. According to her boldness is nothing less than courage. You should be courageous enough to show your bold side to the world.

6. She does not believe in opinions of others. According to her, you should do what makes you feel happy. “Kabhi main sexy hoon Kabhi bold Kabhi deglam. I don’t care about it. You just have to do your own thing.”

7. She differentiates well between her professional and personal life pretty well. “I am very open about my marital status because it doesn’t have to do anything with my work.”

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