60 Days of Sushant Singh’s Death: Nation awaits Justice, 25 shocking revelations after the FIR was lodged

We badly miss you Sushant, here are 25 latest updates that we know about the case!

I, you and the entire nation wants to know what had really happened with Sushant Singh Rajput. It’s been 60 days, and we are still not able to believe the appalling reality. Well, he may not be present with us physically but will stay in our hearts forever. As they say, “Legends never die.” Initially, it was said that Sushant died by suicide. Later, circumstances pointed out a big conspiracy. Since then, his fans and family are urging that justice should be delivered.  People are not able to believe that someone like Sushant, who was full of life can die by suicide.

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Here are 25 updates from the case that you should know:

  1. Several reports on social media are doing the rounds that it was a planned murder. He wasn’t in depression and this theory was a cover-up to divert the investigation.
  2. Rhea took the charge of Sushant’s life ever since they met. She was giving him some medicines which can make a person bipolar.
  3. It was Rhea who told Sushant that he is hallucinating and should look for a doctor. Apparently, she took him to doctors of her own choice, as per reports.
  4. There are allegations that she used to perform Black magic at Sushant’s place just to prove that he was suffering from some kind of mental illness.
  5. Ambulance attendant said Sushant’s legs were bent and had severe marks on his eyes. So, was he badly beaten before he died?

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  1. Rhea Chakraborty has put an allegation on Sushant’s sister Priyanka Singh that she molested her. Recently, she shared one chat which pointed out not –so- warm relations of Sushant and Priyanka. What is she trying to prove?
  2. Sushant had changed 50 SIM cards in the last six months but why? His family wasn’t able to speak to him. It was Rhea’s mother who used to take his calls.
  1. All the movies and financial decisions were taken by Rhea. She used to go with him everywhere. In fact, she used to force him to tell directors to take Rhea as a leading lady.
  1. His bank balance went drastically low in past one year. He had two companies which were recently registered. Both the companies had Rhea and her brother Showik as directors.  They weren’t operational still money was taken out on their names.

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  1. Rhea hired the most expensive lawyer Shyam Divan, the man who fought for Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan. Who is paying his fees? Rhea didn’t have such a big bank balance.
  1. It was Rhea who requested for CBI inquiry in the case. After the FIR was lodged against her, she has been playing hide n seek and wasn’t ready to clarify things from her end.
  1. Where is Samuel Miranda, the house manager of Sushant Singh Rajput. He has been missing June 14 and Mumbai Police didn’t even bother to investigate him.
  1. Nobody saw the body hanging except Sidharth Pithani even the keymaker who opened the door wasn’t allowed to enter.
  2.  Did you know Sidharth was not in Mumbai? Who allowed him to leave the city when the investigation was on?
  1. Sandip Singh, Sushant’s friend was not in touch with him. Still, claimed to be his closest. He is also not firm on his statements.
  1. His old staff was replaced by the new one,  and a lot of the old staff  came out in media and  said he can’t be in depression
  1. His ex-assistant has claimed that has murdered with Fudge’s  ( Sushant’s dog) collar or chain because the mark on his neck was not of a cloth.
  1. Is any big wig involved in the case? Many names have been linked to his death including Mahesh Bhatt, Dino Morea, Sooraj Pancholi to name a few.
  1. There were reports that CCTV cameras weren’t working. But as per the latest update, the CCTV camera of his house were working.
  1. Was Sushant really disturbed from Disha’s death? He searched her name many times on Google.
  1. There are reports that claimed Disha was murdered and Mumbai police has deleted her investigation file.
  2. According to a leaked report, Disha’s body was naked and her post mortem was done after 2days.
  3. Aditya Thackery name was also linked to the case. Later, he came out and clarified and said he has nothing to do with the case.


  1. Some reports on social media claimed that Disha was raped and then thrown from the 14thfloor
  1. Earlier, it was said that Sushant did a party adaybefore his demise and later, Sidharth Pithani denied it.

Social Media and fans are not ready to forgive Star Kids

Meanwhile, the trailer of Sadak 2 dropped and people on social media are in no mood to forgive star kids. The trailer got 1 million dislikes within 3 hours of its release. Notably, Salman Khan’s name was also linked to the case and to your surprise people are not even excited about Bigg Boss 14! In short, we can say Sushant has definitely brought a ‘Kranti’. His loved ones want to him to get justice.  The investigation is still on and the entire nation awaits justice!

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