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6 Things to be careful of while Dating a Bisexual

Are you dating a Bisexual and wondering how to go about it? Here are the things to be careful of while dating a bisexual

The common definition of the term ‘Bisexual’ is ‘a person relating to or characterized by a sexual or romantic attraction to people of one’s same-sex and of the opposite sex’. Basically, bisexuals are the people who don’t associate their attraction with people of the opposite sex only. While it should be as normal as possible for a person to love whomsoever they want, irrespective of the sexes, the dominant idea of heterosexual relationships has created a lot of stigmas in society. And hence, for a bisexual, dating a person of her own sex can still appear to be a safe place, but opening up about their being bisexual to the partner of the opposite sex can be really difficult. And if you are apparently dating a bisexual and wondering how to go about it, here are the things to be careful about while dating a bisexual.

Things to be careful of while Dating a Bisexual

1. Understand them and their gender dysmorphia in real

Gender is a vast umbrella and a complex one too. But if you really want to have acceptance and a smooth relationship with your bisexual partner, you definitely need to understand gender dysmorphia from the very basic. Gender and sex, when put on of ‘x’ and ‘y’ axis can have multiple collision points and a person can represent any. And one of the forms of it is bisexuality and it is as normal and okay to be the one to Normalize this fact for your bisexual partner.

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Dating a Bisexual

2. Accept and acknowledge their likings and differences

A bisexual is not a straight person and they can’t even be one. There is no switch on and off button for who they are and what they are. To fully love your bisexual partner, you need to accept and acknowledge their likings and difference. Accept and embrace them for who they are.

3. Love them without conditioning

As mentioned, there is no switch on and off button. You can not condition them for what they should be liking and what they shouldn’t be. They are how they are, just have the way you are how you are.  While you date a bisexual, there can be a fear that could shape in the form of insecurities, but you would be required to overcome insecurities instead of imposing them on the bisexual partner.

4. Don’t think about who they were with before you

Insecurities can shape in the form of who your bisexual partner was with, before being with you. And especially when your partner was with their same-sex and you are of the opposite one. A situation like this might come as awkward but you got to accept your partner as who they are right now. Accept that they love you right now and reciprocate the same love to them.

5. Embracing Non-Monosexuality

To fully reciprocate love, you would be required to embrace the idea of non-monosexuality. Unlike the predefined codes for sexuality, they make yourself inclusive to the idea of non-monosexuality.

6. Accept them as just like you and me

Acceptance is the key. Bisexuals are also the ones looking for authentic relationships and love, just like any other person. Hence, they are no different from you but are just like you, ‘human. Accept them as a human.

These are a few things to be careful of while dating a bisexual. Keep them in mind and accept and support your bisexual partner.

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