6 Surprising Benefits of Tequila you should know!

Tequila lovers this article is all for you!

 Well, who don’t like to have drinks? It gives immense gratification to the people who like to have it. Well, the excess of everything is bad but these drinks have some health benefits too. Did you that tequila can help you to lose weight? While tequila is definitely not a “health food”, it actually has several surprising health benefits.

Two shots of tequila can have magical Benefits on your health. Here, we go guys!

1. It can help you to lose your weight: Weight issues have become common nowadays among youth. Dieting, Gyming etc are only life saviors. You have to give up all your food and drinks just to have proper body image. Generally, the rule is, if you want to lose weight, do not drink alcohol. Remember, liquid calories go down so much easier than we realize, so it is still true. But if you can manage to drink a controlled amount of tequila you can benefit from the weight-loss properties of agavins, which are a particular kind of sugar in tequila.

2. It helps in good digestion: Taking a shot of tequila after a meal has been linked to aiding digestion as well. Some suggest a shot before a meal to rev up your metabolism and appetite, and then a shot after to soothe and assist digestion. But don’t take it on a regular basis it might affect your health.

3. It may help fight osteoporosis:  Again with those agavins! They have been linked in several studies to aiding the body in calcium absorption, and therefore, might be a viable option for preventing the development of fragile or brittle bones.
4. It curbs Insomnia: Thanks to it’s relaxing benefits, tequila can help calm the nerves and may even aid in inducing sleep for the deprived. It is best not to depend on any substance, particularly alcohol, on a regular basis. But now and then it may just be that extra something you can enjoy to unwind. And snooze!
5. It doesn’t give you hangover: That is if you drink the high shelf stuff. Again, you have to drink “100% agave” tequila to get this benefit. Cheaper brands will be filled out with other sugar alcohols, which will knock you out. No alcohol is healthy, but if you’re inclined to have a drink once in a while, tequila might not be such a bad choice.

6. It prevents diabetes: It also presents the opportunity for diabetics to enjoy tequila now and again, as the fructans being non-digestible, acts as fiber. By passing through the body undigested, it avoids the dangerous blood sugar spike as well as stimulates insulin production.

Obviously, if you have diabetes, talk to your doctor before you start taking shots of tequila, as every individual is different and reactions can vary.

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