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For a change, here are the turning points in 2020, Which Happened to be for Good


6 reasons why 2020 happened to be good, unlike all the other bad ones

2020 has been a memorable year. There is hardly anything that we have not seen this year. From a pandemic to the biggest protest movements, from financial crisis to recessions, we have seen it all. Well, the year is about to end and with all the hopes, 2021 has to be better than this year. But where we already know that the year wasn’t very kind, there are still a few incidents, which were the turning points of the year, that too for good. So, here we present the list of turning points in 2020, which were good.

1. Increase in dissenting voices for their rights

Well, this year started with protests and movements not just in India but in the whole world. In the early months of the year, the two major protest movements that got shaped were the students led anti CAA – NRC protests, and the second being the campaign and movement for black lives matter demanding justice for the death of George Floyd. Both the movements received support from communities and members of all around the world. Though, how much openness did the government show for the voices of dissent is something that could comment on the quality of democracy in the country, which is not very good right now. Yet the people who showed up for their rights are inspiring. And let’s take a moment to see how we are ending the year. India is seeing the world’s largest protest, where the farmers are protesting for their own rights. It might not sound good to hear on the government’s part, but the increasing voices leading to a revolution will make a difference. For long. For better.


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2. The defeat of Donald Trump

Not saying Joe Biden’s becoming a president will be a win-win situation as we are yet to see what he will do for America but what Trump did was just undemocratic and chaotic. And the fact that the US democratically happened to vote for their president and they choose Biden is a win-win for democracy.

3. Increase in the Women power

2020 has been a year where a lot of women got much deserving recognition and acknowledgement for their work. Starting with the US Vice President Kamala Haris, there is are uncountable women who have come into the limelight. The Indian women, Bilkis Bano, Faye D’Souza, Menaka Guruswamy, Arundhati Katju, Mahua Moitra, Zia Mody, and many others got recognition for their work.

4. Increase in conversations around mental health

2020 has definitely been a year where we found to see an increase in the conversations around mental health. Though it would be wrong to say that all the conversations that took place were in the right direction, the ultimate motive of every conversation was to help out the survivors of mental health. If not anything, the conversations proved out that mental health is also a health issue that needs consideration.

5. Time to sit down, brainstorm, and be more human

Pandemic happened, lockdown happened and uncertainties got piled up. Thought, there has been a lot of fatalities and unkindness the year brought with itself, yet it gave an opportunity to many, to make peace, bring stillness and brainstorm for their future. The lockdown gave time to people to live their lives and understand the value of human interactions and emotions.


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