6 reasons that will change your perception towards ‘Dilli ke Ladke’

Dating a Delhi Boy: Nay or Yay? 

‘Dating’ is one of the coolest things do in your 20’s. Indeed, dating a man or woman gives you a proper insight whether you should take your relationship forward or not. Unfortunately, Delhi guys are surrounded by a lot of misconceptions.  Well, an average Delhi man is perceived as rude, selfish and disrespectful towards women. All are not the same by the way! These are the boys who have “maa-bhen” at their home and they do care about them. They are genuine, smart, charming when it comes to being a boyfriend material.

Dilli ke ladke








Here, are few reasons which will make you believe that Delhi Boys are the best!

1. They are street smart! Delhi Guys are never afraid of cops while driving harsh on roads because they all are ‘jugaadus’ and know very well how to deal with the situation.
 2. They are super-duper fun people: Punjabi or not Delhi Boys, but all of them are super fun. Being in Delhi for a quite long time they imbibed a celebrity culture and they are super crazy for yo yo Honey Singh’s songs or other Punjabis songs.
 3. They are hunks! The official term is ‘chikna’ for them and indeed it is true. Many of them are so pretty enough to make their girlfriends go back to the ladies room to powder their noses. Not to forget they are fitness freaks too!  Gyming is not only an obsession but is a status symbol too for them.
 4. They are biggest foodies in the world and knows the best place to grab it: Every Delhiite is a foodie! Delhi Guys are crazy for food and they do respect their tongues. They love to rejuvenate their taste.
 5. They are romantic enough! They have grown up seeing SRK’s movies and overloaded romantic songs. So, they have romance filled in their nerves.  Delhi boy never shy of proposing his lady love because love is a priority here.
 6. They do everything in style! Delhiite are much conscious about their style statement. Not only girls but guys too. Whether it’s conditioned hair, the carefully trimmed beard, the freshly scented shirts. They never miss a chance to look perfect. We are not talking about those who wear shades in the night or try to show there muscles.

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