6 Non-Hindi Films that Are Meant Be Celebrated

India is the largest producer of film all over the world. With multiple languages, its diverse culture is reflected in the films too. Earlier, cinema was considered a medium to communicate. But now its definition has changed. Now, movies are based more on stardom rather than storyline as star power helps them to make more business. whereas there are some regional films which are just celebrated for their unique storyline.

It’s important to understand for the masses that the only form of entertainment available to us goes far and beyond the Hindi film industry or what we like to term as ‘Bollywood’. The consistent effort made by the various industries across different states of the country regarding content that are not catered towards the image of star and are solely focused on what the story wants to impart, gets limited recognition.

So, here are some suggestions that absolute gems from different states had a long-lasting impact on the masses.

  1. Sairat (Marathi)

How can this movie not top our list? Sairat is a romantic-tragedy Marathi film which focuses on honour-killings and disparities in the society on the basis of caste, wealth, power. This film was released with a budget of Rs 4 crore and received huge applause from the audience and collected Rs110 crore at the Box-Office.

  1. Aamis (Assamese)

From one of the seven sisters, Aamis is the movie that has been celebrated in several firm festivals. It came into the lime-light when the well-known director Anurag Kashyap highlighted this sheer gem to the masses. The movie focuses on an oddly dark love story revolving around the 2 principal characters. It is very relaxing to see an unconventional love that blossoms between the 2 main characters and bond over the love for delicious food.

  1. Pariyerum Perumal (TAMIL)

Tamil film Pariyerum Perumal is hard hitting anti-caste drama with an IMDB rating of 8.8/10. The story takes you to a village where caste and religion are considered more precious than a human life. Surrounded by all the atrocities Pariyan who belongs to an oppressed caste wants to live his dream to become a lawyer. Meanwhile, he falls in love with a girl who belongs to an upper caste and is harassed by his love interest’s kin to no extent. This makes this film very hard to watch.

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  1. Asha Jaoar Majhe (Bangla)

This beautiful Bangla film is a sneak-peek into the life of a working married couple, who somehow manages to spend time with each other after their busy and different work shifts. Without adding any dramatic plot, the simple and beautiful cinematography will leave you in awe. Bringing to your notice, This film premiered at the 11th Venice Days Film Festival At the 62nd National Film Awards. It also won the Indira Gandhi Award for Best Debut Film of a Director and Best Audiography.

  1. Sudani from Nigeria (Malayali)

Directed by Zakariya Mohamad, Sudani from Nigeria is Malayalam film which has successfully showcased emotional bond and friendship between a coach and his team members who are passionate about football and want to win a renowned football tournament. Being a regional film, this movie was appreciated across the border won the national award for Best Feature Film in Malayalam. you can catch this movie on Netflix.

  1. Paddayi (TULU)

Loosely adapted from one of Shakespeare’s popular plays Macbeth, this movie is a perfect blend of myth, modernity and traditional folk theatre. The story revolves around a newlywed couple from a fishing community of India and their ambition which brought a lot of tragedies from them. You can find this brilliant film easily on Amazon Prime.

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