6 health benefits of eating eggs: Take a look

Health benefits of eating eggs: The nutrition powerhouse

Eggs are a great source of Protein. Numerous vitamins including vitamin A, potassium and vitamin B are altogether packed in every egg making it an essential meal of a day. These vitamins are especially needed for the health of nerves and the brain. Here are 6 health benefits of eating eggs, take look.

Health benefits of eating eggs

Myths related to egg: The Cholesterol Question

However, this nutrition powerhouse has some bruised associations that they contribute to raising cholesterol. In reality, the yolk is where many of the nutrients are found. The body needs to achieve a balance when it comes to cholesterol consumption. Fat from healthy sources is vital to the body while fat from poor sources are very dangerous. Egg remained a beneficial source of healthy fat. Also, a research has proved that egg does not contribute to heart disease in any way. Diabetics are the only one who must avoid eating more than one egg a day.

Here is the healthiest usage of egg:

1. Helps during pregnancy: Eggs contains choline which helps in the development of a healthy brain during pregnancy.

2. Strengthen Bones: Eggs are a good source of vitamin D and thus keeps our bones strong and healthy, preventing osteoporosis and rickets. However, the method of production- free range, organic and indoor raised, can make a difference in vitamin D content.

3. Helps in improving performance: Eggs have high Satiety index which makes you feel full for a longer time. One normal egg has 6g of high protein and a large variety of nutrients.

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4. Help to promote weight loss: Several studies have proved that eating eggs in the breakfast keep you full for long and thus may help with weight loss.

5. Protect eyesight: Eggs are a good source of antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin which helps in keeping the eyes healthy. It accumulates in the eyes and protects it from harmful, high energy wavelengths of light.

6.Healthy hair and nails: Eggs have a high content of Sulphur thus helps in keeping hair and nails healthy. The external use of egg over hair can give your hair amazing shine and make them, silky smooth.

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