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6 Fake News that were Presented as the ‘Only Sach’

Fake News went viral this week!

A few years ago, the lies online started to look realistic on news websites with convincing-looking stories. This often churned out as fake news.

Here are the six fake news that went viral this week.

Chennai airport amid incessant rainfall!

Fake News: A video of a  waterlogged airport went viral that claimed it was from Chennai airport amid incessant rainfall in Tamil Nadu. Read the fact-check.

Fact-checked: An old video from 2017 was shared which hailed from Mexico showing flooding at Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International airport runway. It was circulated with a false claim.

Police favouring Communal Violence in Tripura! 

Fake News: Many social media users shared a ground report by BBC News that claimed the video is from Tripura and the organization was the only one to report on the violence in the northeastern state. The 3-minute long video showed shots of arson, riots, and people talking about communal violence. They were also questioning the police’s role.

Fact-checked: The BBC video report was actually on Delhi riots and not on Tripura violence. The video featured a clip where an injured man lying on the roadside was identified as Faizan. Similar clips went viral during the Delhi Riots also which were held in 2020. Moreover, the people continue to speak about Delhi and the role of the Delhi Police in the violence. This also made it clear that the news was not from Tripura.

 Keralite Muslims protesting against the communal violence in Tripura!

Fake News: The video was shared across social media, which showed Muslims in Kerala protesting against the communal violence in Tripura.

Fact-checked: In an old video from the year 2020 where people were protesting against CAA in Kerala, the users claimed that Keralite Muslims were protesting against the communal violence in Tripura.

Aussie chanting, “Vande Mataram” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”!

Fake News: A video of a man in an Australian jersey chanting, “Vande Mataram” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai,” followed by Indian fans joining him in sloganeering, went viral on social media. Netizens claimed that Matthew Wade cheered for India after defeating Pakistan in the semi-final.

Fact-checked: The viral claim is false. The viral video had a noticeable logo with the text ‘World Cricket Fans’. World Cricket Fans had shared the same video in January on their Facebook and Twitter handles. The YouTube video was uploaded on 20 January. DNA India reported that the Aussie fan shouted at the top of his voice and was followed by Indian fans singing in a chorus.

On-road scooter exploded claiming 2 lives!

Fake News: Frightening CCTV footage of a man riding a scooter. Suddenly, the scooter exploded on the road. The social media claimed that it was a battery-charged scooter. In the 30-second-long footage, the scooter passed police barricading and then burst with a massive explosion.

Fact-checked: The video had a logo of PTC News in the top right corner. The video was posted by PTC News on Facebook on 5 November. The video is titled in the Punjabi language, and whose English translation means: Horrific death of father and son brought by firecrackers. A massive explosion took place. The Hindustan Times published the video on 5 November. According to the report, a father and his seven-year-old son were killed in a deadly explosion between Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu, caused by a bag of country-made firecrackers that they were carrying for Diwali festivities.

Saudi woman receives Padma Shri!

Fake News: A photo of a woman collecting an award from the president is viral on social media. Netizens claimed that the woman is Nouf al-Marwaai of Saudi Arabia, who became her nation’s first yoga teacher and also received Padma Shri for propagating it there. Indian Ministry of Ayush shared the photo saying she recently was awarded.

Fake News Alert! Hoax Stories You Almost Believed

Fact-checked: The viral claim is misleading. The President of India shared the same picture on 20 March 2018. Nouf-Al-Mawaai retweeted the Ministry of Ayush’s tweet on 10 November. According to Alarabiya News, the article was published on 25 March 2018, where Marwaai was honoured with Padma Shri award, India’s fourth-highest civilian award, on 19 March 2018. She received the award in recognition of her efforts to popularize yoga in Saudi Arabia and getting it recognized as a sports activity.

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