6 convincing reasons why female bosses are freaking awesome!

Female Bosses are the real gem for an organization: Here is why?

It is always good to have a female boss. Love her or hate she doesn’t care. There is always some advantage of having a Female Boss. So, folks without taking much of your time, let’s take a look at what all benefit you have in your pockets if you have a Female Boss!
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They are very Empathetic

Your boss being more emotionally inclined in the way that you are has its advantages. A female boss is more likely to understand your specific workplace issue and respond to a situation and guide you accordingly. It is easier to tell a female boss when you are having an off-day thanks to personal issues.

 She is very much organized

Ladies, we all know that we are so much better than men when it comes to multitasking, efficiency and staying organized. It is just the way we are wired. Your female boss is more likely to be able to help you stay on top of things and make the best use of your time – and we say this from experience! Well, all we can say is this is an inborn talent we have.

 Your Boss can relate to your monthly issue

How cool is it to have a boss who actually understands how it feels like hell every time you get your period? You know you can ask her to lend you a pad/tampon in case of an emergency, and that, trust us, it is a blessing! Yes, a male boss can never understand that feeling or mood swings you go through that time. But a female boss will easily relate to it.

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She will take fair decisions

Being female herself, she is not going to judge your work performance based on your gender. Unfortunately enough, far too many male bosses favour other men or have been known to be partial to a woman they find attractive (yes, this actually happens); but you can be confident that a female boss will make fairer decisions based  purely on work performance – after all, she is been where you are before!

 She understands your online shopping addiction

If you are caught browsing through countless shopping websites at your desk, she is less likely to berate you compared to a man. In fact,  your boss probably sneakily shops online too in the privacy of her office. Women stick together when it comes to the power of retail therapy! But yes, this all should happen if it does not affect your work.

 Female Boss can understand the work-life balance

Modern-day women juggle between everything, from a demanding job to running a house to finding the time to catch up with her besties. A woman in charge goes through the same daily struggles you go through when it comes to managing your life and will always be able to guide you on how to balance your work-cum-personal situation.

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